The Pledge on the Hill

great news!

Baglady’s film of Stormont ASAP: The Pledge on the Hill is now up on our website.

Get ready to do YOUR very own Pledge ASAP. If you’ve already done it – pass it on. See other people’s pledges on

Round 2 ASAP starts very soon. We’ve also got our first French town signing up, and we’ve got people all over the world speaking with us.

*Baglady’s filming for UTV’s Ultimate Ulster at Belfast’s Hazelwood primary school on Friday 17th;

*The next Baglady film – Living ASAP: At Home with Baglady – is already in post-production. Cool, deadly.

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  • I love what I see in this video! Inspiring!

  • This is a great video and well done to the children who are working hard to secure their future. They have such a huge role to play. They are great communicators and as adults we must take our role as their enablers very seriously. After all, we are the guardians of the world and should do what we can to hand it over safely to the next generations.

  • This is a wonderful idea and this TV programme will have a crucial role in sharing sustainable ideas amongst families and children.

    I tend to find that children capture the hearts and imaginations more than adults. They can be responsible for so much positive change, and as Karen points out; they are our future so we need to do all we can to support the ASAP pledge.

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