The “Don’t Need a Bag” song!

Courtesy of Mike Reid and the 11-12-year-olds of Sheffield Woodcraft group.


We got an email from Mike recently. He told us how easy and fun it was to put this together:

I didn’t tell you – it was so easy to workshop. The kids got the idea straight away – I sang them the chorus and they sang it right back. Then the same with the verses.

Writing new words took about ten minutes. We had three groups of 6 children, each with 1-2 adults. Kids did all the words, adults just sort of helped shape them.

Telling you all this to encourage you to get other people to do something similar…

Click “Read the rest…” to see the lyrics.

Don’t Need A Bag
Mike Reid

I don’t need a bag (x3)
(Because I got my own)
I don’t need a bag (x3)
(Because I brought one from home)

When me n’ my Mum go shopping Down Town
To get me a new pair of shoes
The shop assistant goes, ‘You want a bag?’
And I tell her my good news.. (I say)

(chorus as above)

When we go along to Tesco on a Saturday
To get our weekly shop
The check-out person goes to offer us some bags
And that’s when we say, stop!

(chorus as above)
We don’t need a bag (x3)
(It’s a waste, you should ban it)
I don’t need a bag (x3)
(We’re trying to Save The Planet)

© Mike Reid 2006, 2007
Extra verses from Sheffield Woodcraft Folk:

When we go down to Toys R’ Us
The toys are in polystyrene.
We only want the remote control car
You can keep the rest, you know what I mean.

When me and my gerbil go to B&Q
To get a new toilet seat,
The shop assistant goes,’ You want a bag,’
And we shout there’s no need

When I go down to Threshers with the whole Crookes Crew,
To get some booze and fags
The shop assistant says, ‘You’re not 18,’
And we say ‘But we’ve got our own bags!’

Click ro download sheet music

Click on the image to download the sheet music, and sing the song yourself, and send it to us!

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