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Green candidate Tony Juniper endorses ‘The Rubbish Diet’

Our friend Karen over at The Rubbish Diet recently caught up with former Friends of the Earth director, now Green Party candidate Tony Juniper.

By cutting down the amount we’re putting in the bin, we can make a huge reduction to our overall carbon footprint, and advance the cause of social equity: because in the end, there’s only so many resources to go around… if just a few of us in the global population are using everything, that’s going to be a real block on ending poverty in the future.

Rubbish is more than an inconvenience; it’s a global issue.

Baglady heads for zero waste

Baglady will be contributing to a new project alongside The Rubbish Diet’s Karen Cannard, Rachelle Strauss from My Zero Waste, Downshifting Week originator Tracey Smith, and many others. It’s a collaborative blog dedicated to providing information on how to reduce the amount of wasteful packaging in your big each week or fortnight.

This is where our hardworking team of zero waste detectives scan the shelves and let you know the best of the products out there which can help you create zero or minimal waste at home.

Why not head over there and read more about it?