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care and respect for old people

gday again everyone

thanks to all of you who sent messages of condolence to me [Shirley aka Baglady] on the death of my father. this was very comforting.

In 40 years as a consultant gynaecologist and obstetrician, Dad helped to bring 12,000 babies into the world; and he said he never lost the sense of awe at the birth of each one. Imagine that.

Dad also believed babies should arrive when they are ready to, not to fit in with some doctor’s golf or sailing schedule.

So I was glad and proud to support Dad in his wish to spend his last months in the care, safety and dignity of his own home. In the end, this meant having the full-time care of one person, and 8 lovely women helped us with this. Imagine when you’re 92 having 8 lovely women coming to visit you, day and night…..! That was some craic.

One of the carers works in a Northern Ireland nursing home. She said Dad was getting 10 times the care he’d get in a nursing home. Someone else said, At least 10 times….

Let’s be honest. Our nursing homes are a dysgrace. And we know it. Let’s work together to change this situation, and to show respect for our old people.

best beams, Baglady

and please pass this on……..