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Harryville and Mervyn Storey MLA’s pledges

Hullo and gday dears!

The teachers and children of Harryville Primary School, Ballymena, are going to take the lead! in reaching out to the whole world, with the fast-growing ASAP pledge, which as you will know means: give up one thing and take up one thing to live ASAP – As Sustainably as Possible.

Yes. It’s good news which the KIDS are going to share with friends and family all over the world, including KOREA [North or South?] where they have penpals!

Ballymena Baglady Shirley Lewis visited the school last week with MLA Mervyn Storey, who told the children about his pledge: switching off all the power point at night, and walking more [a common one with MLAs and MPs!]

Harryville Primary School and Mervyn Storey pledge ASAP

Children from all classes read out their pledges and principal Lesley Meikle said the school’s pledge is to reduce energy use by 5% this year…. If only they could get solar panels….

Inspiring, as ever. I’ll revisit the school [just across the river] on May 9th to meet the Eco-Warriors, who will take charge to make sure Harryville children contact friends and relations all over the world to get them to pledge too. KIDS and ALLS [Adults Learning to Live Sustainably]

Thanks to Ballymena Guardian and Ballymena Times, always there to take our smiling photos.

We put up a picture when we get one…… best beams, Baglady