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Green candidate Tony Juniper endorses ‘The Rubbish Diet’

Our friend Karen over at The Rubbish Diet recently caught up with former Friends of the Earth director, now Green Party candidate Tony Juniper.

By cutting down the amount we’re putting in the bin, we can make a huge reduction to our overall carbon footprint, and advance the cause of social equity: because in the end, there’s only so many resources to go around… if just a few of us in the global population are using everything, that’s going to be a real block on ending poverty in the future.

Rubbish is more than an inconvenience; it’s a global issue.

Baglady thanks Sammy for green spotlight

Pic of Baglady and Sammy Wilson

[Northern Ireland Environment Minister] Sammy Wilson’s decision to ban a TV advertisement on climate change provoked outrage, but Ballymena’s very own dedicated green activist – the Baglady would like to thank the Environment Minister.

“The Environment Minister has provoked debate up and down the country… but… his actions and comments are unacceptable in this day and age when the evidence to support climate change is overwhelming. This man is supposed to be in charge of environmental issues here in Northern Ireland.”

Original story at Ballymena Times.

For more information on the Sammy Wilson story, see the Green Party Northern Ireland website.

Speaking together

Elizabeth Davidson

Shirley Lewis the Baglady from the North and Elizabeth Davidson, Green Party candidate for the imminent Dail elections in the South, have warmly welcomed the vote by Sinn Fein to cooperate fully with the Police Service of Northern Ireland, and have now called on the leaders of the DUP to respond in the same spirit of moving forward.

‘There is no time left for arguing politics or religion,’ they said. ‘We need to wake up and realise that the future of the whole earth is in danger; and take action accordingly.

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