Speaking together

Elizabeth Davidson

Shirley Lewis the Baglady from the North and Elizabeth Davidson, Green Party candidate for the imminent Dail elections in the South, have warmly welcomed the vote by Sinn Fein to cooperate fully with the Police Service of Northern Ireland, and have now called on the leaders of the DUP to respond in the same spirit of moving forward.

‘There is no time left for arguing politics or religion,’ they said. ‘We need to wake up and realise that the future of the whole earth is in danger; and take action accordingly.

‘Because we are a small country with a rare, surviving sense of community, we can find ways of doing this.

‘We in Ireland, North and South, can take the lead here, but we must begin at once. Democratically elected representatives must accept the responsibility and trust that has been placed on/in them, and step forward in a spirit of hope and co-operation.

Politicians not prepared to sit at the same table and work together should not stand for parliament. They should stand aside to make room for those with the courage and vision to work towards the resolution of the environmental crisis we face in this country and the world.

Elizabeth and Shirley have called for urgent action on environmental issues such rivers, packaging, local food production, public transport – along with law and order issues.


Elizabeth: mob. 00353.876358444; [email protected]

Shirley/Baglady: home: 028.25639609; [email protected]

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