SHOPS! we want to hear from you! let us know how your bag numbers drop!

What’s your local shop doing? Are shop staff asking “Do you NEEDabag?’ Are shoppers bringing their own? What’s happening?

There’s a song you can sing:

Centra ClaudyCentra, Claudy

What’s happening at YOUR local shop?

Costcutter, TrillickCostcutter, Trillick

Do shop staff ask if you NEEDabag?, or just give them out?

VG, Burren BridgeVG, Burren Bridge

Sometimes staff say they’re scared to ask, in case some customers get rude. YOU can help by saying, ‘I don’t NEEDabag?’ – thank you.

Mace, BanbridgeMace, Banbridge

Shops, schools and, we hope, whole communities are now getting together, to say NO to plastic bags.

Spar, GalgormSpar, Galgorm

If you don’t see your local shop here, download the action pack, pester friends and family to say NO, or take part in the Do You EVER? survey.

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