Here are some ways YOU as schoolkids can help Baglady.

Take the KIDS Pledge ASAP

In the Classroom

Since September 2007, Baglady films have been available for teachers and schools through the c2k (Classroom 2000) system. Search for us on there, or ask your teacher about using our materials in your lessons.

Get a PPP Card

Newtownards Positive Pester Practice

Get yourself a Positive Pester Power Card, and start pestering all the adults you know to start saying NO to plastic bags when they shop. You can also design your own. If you do, we would LOVE to see it. Read more about PPP Cards here.

Do a “Do you EVER?” survey

Antrim Do You Ever

Get out and about and make new friends by doing the “Do You EVER?” survey, to find out who does refuse a plastic bag, and why they should think about it they next time they’re in a shop. Look here for more info.

Get creative: make a Percy Plastic, or another friend of Baglady

Kim and Percy Plastic

Our friend Kim goes out on the street with Percy Plastic to talk about rubbish and taking responsibility for our mess. Why don’t you think about making something beautiful to bring attention to the baglady message?

Look out for NIIRTA shops

Centra Claudy

These are local shops like Costcutter, Spar and Mace. Help them to help you and Baglady keep our environment clean. Make sure you encourage your shop assistants to ask your mum and dad ‘Do you really NEEDabag?’ and keep some in the car so you can bring them into the shop every time you pop in.

Feel free to contact us with any ideas you have for ways to improve our environment, or volunteer to join the team: all ages welcome!