Satellite link up on Radio Ulster

After safe crossing of Arabian Sea, we heard Baglady on live satellite link up! with John Toal of Radio Ulster’s Saturday Magazine, horrah! it worked!! Did you catch it? Click ‘listen now’ at
Baglady on last ten minutes of show as Athena rounded tip of Sri Lanka then continued the seven day stretch at sea across Bay of Bengal carrying ASAP message.

On Sunday 11am our time Baglady did a 1/2 hr presentation for the ship crew and passengers, the deputy captain spoke about how the ship conforms to MarPol, the international regs on ship waste disposal in the various countries on route…. something to proud of….
We look forward to hearing and seeing more news, as world’s first ASAP ship – Athena reaches Andaman Sea following coast of Myanmar [Burma] to Baglady’s next stop Phuket in Thailand!

Travel ASAP to Australia ship 'Athena'

Travel ASAP to Australia ship ‘Athena’

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