Respect: What’s YOUR word, What does it mean to you?

RESPECT is the cornerstone of the Baglady ethos; if we all think about it more often, the world won’t be in such a mess, and our lives will be much happier. Here, Mehary from Lalibela, Ethiopia, tells us his word for RESPECT, and what it means to him.

TELL US: What’s the word for RESPECT in your language? What does RESPECT mean to you?

Send us piks, drawings, poems, whatever…

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2 Responses to “Respect: What’s YOUR word, What does it mean to you?”

  • For me it’s being aware that the planet doesn’t belong to me and that I need to share it with everyone else, not just those who live now but for future generations. We are all caretakers, both in what we have and in our relationships. xx

  • Respect is realising that you don’t have the full picture, so you need to value people and the planet for what they are, and trust that they know what they are doing, rather than trying to impose your will on them.

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