PPP Card

The Positive Power of Pestering!

As we all know, pestering is an ancient Irish tradition which for centuries has been carried all over the world, by children.

Pestering is a useful tool for getting what you want. It is very easy and anyone can teach you how to do it.

But never in the whole history of the world have children been called upon to pester their parents for something that doesn’t cost money and is good for everybody!

PPP Card

We want you to use your special personal Positive Pester Power to get your parents (and any adults that you know) to say NO to plastic bags. Isn’t that easy?

Why? because in the South of Ireland, they’ve saved 1 or 2 billion bags since they introduced a tax on each plastic bag. Here in the North, where we don’t pay for bags, we use a terrible 500 million bags every year, between 1.7 million people.

Please pester 10 adults each [more if you like] to say NO to plastic bags. If/when they agree to say NO to the bags, move on and pester someone else. Then let us know how it went:

  1. Download the card by clicking the image above
  2. Fill in the card
  3. Tell us how many people you pestered, and what happened!

With your help, we can clean up this rubbishy world.

PS: Spar, Costcutter, and Down District Council have produced PPP cards that you can use. Or design your own – and send us a copy.

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