Politicians’ support for ASAP reaches critical mass – Baglady

A critical mass is enough people thinking and caring, to start to make a significant difference’ Baglady, 2011

I think we’ve got it here in sunny Northern Ireland.

Where else in the world are the politicians listening to their voters, their public, their people? Where else are they DOing, not just saying? where else are they leading the people?

We now have 30 ASAP-pledger MLAs. Latest: Willie Clarke, Tom Buchanan, Barry McElduff, Allan Bresland [very interesting]; Margaret Ritchie, John McCallister, Patsy McGlone… have I missed anyone?

We’ll give you the full list of names with their pledges and Baglady comments, after Easter. But you can see it online here anyway. . Top of the party chart so far are:

Sinn-Fein with 9;

next: DUP 8; SDLP 5, UUP 4. Independents 2, Green 1 [out of 1]

and finally Alliance 1. Come on Alliance!

This means we now have 30 MLAs [+2 TDs, 2MPs and 1 MEP] actually thinking, promising and DOing something to reduce their impact on the planet. Well DONE, all of you. We’ll publish the full list

Latest schools to pledge: Omagh County Primary School, Omagh Integrated Primary School, Antrim Primary School and Glasswater Primary School, Crossgar.

First journalist: Michael Devine, Ulster Herald.

Businesses working to help us include Ballymena internationals Wrightbus and Pattons. First in Omagh: The Salad Bowl’s Ian Frew and Glenhordial Organic Farm; the Oxfam shop… ASAP pledges are family fun for all….

But I’ve got to pack. More later,

Best beams, Baglady

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