Newtownards: Green All Over

NI Assembly’s only Green MLA, Brian Wilson, praises Baglady and crew for using public transport; Baglady meets Castle Gardens PS Green Buddies and shares a green glove handshake.

[drain file 11 show default_show]

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  • I think it is great that use are doing this and i will certantly be saying NO to plastic bags. I was watching this with my sister ashleigh smyth who goes to castle gardens primary school and she thought it was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!! we will certantly be telling all are friends and family about this and asking them better yet telling them to say No to plastic bags and i myself am shocked with all this polution and i live next to a beech and it if i do say so myself is DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!!!! wel good bye

  • i really liked the video i thought it was amazing

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