More on Stormont ASAP

it’s 10 whole days since our legendary trip to Stormont, and I’m still in shock at what happened on Monday last.

Brian Wilson (Greens) and St John’s pupils

MLAs from all different parties, including Ministers Edwin Poots, Brian Wilson and Sammy Wilson, + Enda Kenny the head of Fine Gael and Gerry Adams, MP came to the Long Gallery, to meet the KIDS from:

Ballymacrickett Primary School, Glenavy, Co. Antrim

Buick Memorial Primary School, Cullybackey, Co. Antrim

Hazelwood Integrated Primary School, North Belfast

St. Colms High School, Draperstown, Co. Derry

St John’s Business and Enterprise College, Dromore, Co. Tyrone

St Theresa’s Primary School, Loughmacrory, Co.Tyrone

and to take the adults’ Pledge ASAP.

Bradley (Buick PS) Emily (Ballymacrickett PS) and Emma (St Colm’s PS) with Baglady in BBC Stormont studio talking to Talkback’s Wendy Austin about the pledge

Thomas Burns [SDLP South Antrim] was there for Ballymacrickett and sent out a press release about the day;
North Antrim’s Daithi McKay [SF] Rev Robert Coulter [UUP] and Mervyn Storey [DUP] for Buick;
Patsy McGlone [SDLP, mid Ulster, + former Environment Committee chair] was there for St Colm’s but I seem to remember he’s going to talk his pledges over with the family – a VERY good idea.
Pat Doherty[SF] West Tyrone supported St John’s and St Theresa’s

Other MLAs who pledged: Gerry McHugh; David Hilditch, Sammy Wilson, Gerry Adams, Fra McCann, Michelle McIlveen, Cathal Boylan and Mickey Brady.

Delegates from each school told of their personal ASAP pledges, and their environmental and sustainability work and how they connect up with me, Baglady. At all stages there were MLAs listening including Brian Wilson [Greens, and the first MLA to pledge ASAP in August 2009 Daithi McKay was the 2nd.

Sam Gardner was 3rd to pledge a few weeks ago, and Naomi Long’s promised…! we know there’ll be lots more from our 2nd round, later this summer…

The sun came out exactly on time and shone upon us. We all had a bit of lunch around the big tables, and talked. Except me, Emma [St Colm’s] Emily [Ballymacrickett] and Bradley [Buick] who went to the BBC studio to be on Talkback with Wendy Austin. We have to get back to Wendy for her pledge when she’s had more time. It takes a bit of time and thought.

I’ve just been looking at the film done by Shane Martin, and it’s great! I think we were all equally amazed at how enjoyable and light-hearted it all was. Maybe it could be easy to make the changes we need to approach living ASAP. And maybe politics is getting more people friendly.

But the changes are urgent. Want proof? Please scroll down to see the 2 short films below; send your comments. In time, Jonny and I will prepare some questions to help us all think creatively together, and DO.

So keep taking up/talking up ASAP and tell us how you go! And as I said at Stormont, there’s no more time for tokenism when taking pledges. We must all mean what we say. So we’ll be checking on everyone’s progress in the nearish future.

pledge and pass on pledge and pass on pledge and pass on

best, S the B

You can see all the photos from the day here:

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