Larne: Lucozade Beach, Revisited

Baglady inspects the beach she sadly renamed Lucozade Beach last year, and joins Larne High School students and Friends of the Earth for a quick cleanup.

  • me and Jenna were in Olderfleet PS and we were the only people not shown.
    this is jenna here, this is disgracful and i want this video off now as we our not on it i might actually take this to court. (JOKE) lol

  • Anna and Jenny, sorry! It’s hard to get everyone in when you have to keep each film to 5 minutes. We will be adding a load of footage not used in the final films sometime soon. We have loads of fun, interesting stuff left over. Keep an eye out for that!

  • My son Glen was involved with Olderfleet School, i think it is a great idea to get all the local children involved in cleaning up our coast and teaching them as we go.

    Good movie well done.

  • hey im chloe from Larne high school. i like to film a lot. it should teach people a lesson and i hope it will.

    Thanks for coming and doing this with us ,


  • Thanks for coming to Larne and producing such a brilliant film. My class really enjoyed the day and even though they cringe when they see themselves, they are very proud. We have got to keep pushing the message across to the public to raise their awareness. As Stuart Rose of Marks & Spencers said:” There is no Plan B!”

  • hi lol i was in footage lol the guy james im sam this is a god idea for cleaning up our world should be on a lot of websites

  • Heyah ! .
    Thank-you for coming and picking us to help you clean up the mess at Lucozade Beach.=]
    It was disgusting but we had lots of fun talking to you all =].
    Thank-Youu !! =] xO*

  • Heya, This video is great! It will really teach people not to drop litter=D (well I hope it will) Jenna and Anna I’m not shown either but I don’t care at all…The video is about what it’s teaching you!

    Leah Thompson, Olderfleet Primary School


  • I hope these stupid people will realise mmmmm to clean up and sam and jenna stop sayin lol it’s stupid only say it on rune scape………..

  • Ok, it just they recorded our group but they left me and Anna out thats what made me a bit angry. anyway it was a great film and it shows us how to clean up our world.

    Jenna, Olderfleet Primary School

  • The Baglady makes us all aware of how peoples rubbish hurts the environment. Keep up the good work.Thanks for coming to our school and making us realize what we can do to help the planet survive.

    Erin Blake (O.P.S)

  • I think this is a great way of showing children that it is bad to drop litter, and if you were to show more of these films and maybe 1 or 2 on the television I think that would really get to peoples minds.

    Thank you,

    Lucy (O.P.S.)

    P.S. STOP DROPPING LITTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • show more filims about larne!!!!!!! so then we can b in the movie again!!!!!!! plz plz plz we’re really good actors =]!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but most of all we teach people not to drop litter!!!!!!!!!!!! which is good so come back to larne.

  • james sometime we will be in the movie again hopefully, and about my last comment i got mixed up so there. I think it is a great way of helping the environment because it’s for childrens life and when adults leave they’re gonna leave what they left behind XD=)



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