• Can you think of ONE THING to give up and ONE THING to take up that will help your environment and encourage your friends and family to live ASAP (as sustainably as possible)?

    Baglady Productions is visiting schools across Northern Ireland to introduce Kids PLEDGE ASAP and to help you and your friends to make commitments to living ASAP.

    If you would like Baglady Productions to visit your school or to tell us about a project that you are involved in to help your environment you can contact us at [email protected]

    The KIDS Pledge ASAP project will help you to use your voice to change the way we live and to respect our precious environment. In Northern Ireland our streets are disappearing under a growing mountain of rubbish, we are wasting our valuable energy and polluting our air with fossil fuels. The scientists are warning of changes to our climate that will make our world warmer and harm our delicate ecosystems, yet our politicians do not provide us will laws to help us protect our natural heritage.<.p>

    Your voice, when joined with hundreds of other voices, CAN MAKE A BIG DIFFERENCE. Baglady Productions needs your support as we raise up the battle cry to fight for our environment.

    Join us now in our fight for a better world and take the KIDS Pledge ASAP.

  • As we all know, pestering is an ancient Irish tradition which for centuries has been carried all over the world by children. It’s a very useful tool for getting what you want. It’s very easy, and anyone can teach you how to do it.

    But never in the whole history of the world have children been called upon to pester their parents for something that doesn’t cost money and is good for everybody!

    PPP Card
    We want you to use your special personal Positive Pester Power to get your parents (and any adults that you know) to take their own pledge.

    Why? because in the South of Ireland, they’ve saved 1 or 2 billion bags since they introduced a tax on each plastic bag. Here in the North, where we don’t pay for bags, we use a terrible 500 million bags every year, between 1.7 million people.

    Please pester 10 adults to take a pledge of their own to give up one thing and take up one thing. If and when they do, move on and pester someone else! Then let us know how it went: tell us how many people you pestered, and what happened!

    With your help, we can clean up this rubbishy world.