journey since Cairo

moving through Suez – was so beautiful, tranquil, smooth, serious almost solemn that even before we’d got through I wanted to turn round, go back and come through again.
I didn’t use my glasses much [gazing in wonder] so it was a surprise to me when several passengers earnestly informed me that the whole way we were being watched from the banks, by people with guns. nothing to worry about, they assured me.

after Aqaba and further afloat…

This is a little message for all the children of Northern Ireland. It’s about all kinds of school subjects… there’s English, Maths etc etc but really it’s about looking after our world/how beautiful our world is, and how we can look after it…

How can Baglady get it to you? we send it to all the schools we know, via the teachers, Eco-committees etc. And maybe the papers can help, and maybe John Toal’s show will help us… and maybe all our friends and family will pass it

This is the scene.
The weather is beautiful, mild, perfect. It’s just a little busride from the big, white ship [which is much smaller than all the other big white ships in port] to the centre of the city.
I’ve taken off my smelly old Baglady bags and am wearing a long skirt, a shirt and a long scarf wrapped around my head because that’s what women and girls do around here

now I understand why Northern Ireland’s only been in the world news when there’s fighting on… we don’t have a lot of money… is that really ALL journalists can think about? Politicians worried or unrepentant politicians… need role-model of responsible.. ASAP….

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