help Baglady connect the world! New Year message

1 year ago, 1/1/11, I got myself on BBC Radio 4, and spoke to the world [I hope!] on Listeners Look Ahead – yknow, the pubic response programme straight after Correspondents Look Ahead, which I was shocked [not] to find had absolutely NO mention of environment issues. Everything else but.

So I rang and predicted a LOT of enviro events. I had my minute and 2 other speakers added their bit. It was good. Because that day, tho few knew, was the Secret Unofficial Launch of Round 2 of Pledge ASAP, and that was where we ended up getting the support of over half the NI Assembly, over half the NI MPs, etc etc….

EVERYONE I speak to, ever, says the BBC and now in Australia the ABC, is not doing enough on environment. People need to know WHAT to do, HOW, and WHERE.. and of course it’s good to know why and who else is doing it.

I’m totally inspired by my return to the stunning Blue Mountains. Also I see many signs that alarm me, of course.,..

So I’ve already made contact with lovely KELLY from Blue Mountains City Council and all set to work through them with local and national schools, councils, politicians, media… same old ASAP recipe…. Mayor Daniel Myles, look out, Baglady’s coming…

Come on NI and OZ, we’ve started something wonderful, let’s help spread it around the world…. Happy New Year and hope this makes sense, I’m on wifi in a café, pending full internet connection.

Love and thanks for being there… S the B

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