Green Living Experience 2007

Green Living Experience

This year’s Green Living Experience will take place this coming Saturday and Sunday in Castlewellan, County Down. Click here to see the line up of events, workshops, performances etc, and here to find out more about the event. You’ll be able to see Baglady Productions’ 16 NEEDabag? Films there in the Film Café.

If you’re wondering what the overall meaning and purpose is, here are some words from the organisers:

We want to make sustainability accessible. That’s all. It is an easy concept to get your head round once you see the big picture – so here we are bringing the big picture and bringing it into focus. After that we are putting you in touch with the people who can help make your life more sustainable. After that it is really up to you. At Green Living Experience you will be challenged, questioned and inspired. That much we can guarantee.
We are bringing you music, debate, fashion, food, therapies, religion, economists, religious economists, adventure, animals and bugs and fish, trees, furniture, films, politicians, writers, artists, real help to help you be a fantastically sustainable person. We are proud to bring you New Economics Foundation and Centre for Alternative Technology, the two institutions in all of the UK who have the best record of integrity and inspiration on the question of sustainability over the past 20 and more years. New Economics Foundation will be talking about the Economics of Happiness – just how do we value wealth in our society? – and what does that do to our families and our wellbeing?

Please do look at their site and find out more, or even better, make your way down to Castlewellan and get involved!

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