good surprise, alarming surprise

Gday. Baglady here.

Today I had a very good surprise, and a very alarming one as well.

BL Portadown2 .jpg

The good surprise was that I had a great visit to the 3 P7 classes at Bangor Central Integrated Primary School. This is Bangor Co, Antrim. KIDS [and teachers] from Bangor Wales please join us – ASAP OK? We need everybody.

I think it was Mr Conville’s class. And it was a boy that first mentioned it – Saving The World. A favourite topic of mine. So I asked if anyone else wanted to save the world too, and most of the hands in the class shot up! Wow. This is so cool, it’s deadly……

I’ll explain 6dotters later……

The alarming surprise was when I mentioned to Mr Murray’s class, then Mr Conville’s, that there’s this thing I call the Texas Rubbishberg/er [as in icebergs and hamburgers]. It’s a huge massive lump of rubbish somewhere off the coast of America, the Atlantic or the Pacific…… this lump of rubbish is the size of Texas.

So Mr Conville whizzed online and found this TexasRubbishberger [think of a totally plastic hamburger with a plastic meat and plastic cheese and red plastic sauce..] So he put it up on the interactive whiteboard thing and we all looked. While the KIDS told me how they’re feeling about this rubbish world, Mr Conville went back online.

A few minutes later, he flashed up the updated image. See, the Texas Rubbishburger’s a thing of the past. Now it’s 2 rubbishbergs, and together they make up a lump of rubbish the size of the whole US of A. Google it and C4URself.

So the meeting at Stormont is going to be much more important than we at first thought. We need to stop just talking about it. We need to DO. And we’ve got lots of people with us.

It’s just a wee pledge, give up one thing, take up one thing. All we need, is our leaders to lead…. SO

watch this space and JOIN IN

Can everyone help please, we’ve got a huge story to tell – Northern Ireland to the world in a small series of leaps!
Where have I been? What’s happened? Who’s pledging what?
Omagh, Dromore, Loughmacrory, St Malachy’s Ballymoyer, then Dublin to edit our all Ireland ECO-UNESCO Young Environmentalist Awards 2010 film, then back to Bangor. Filming @ Coleraine’s Harpers Hill Primary School, Fri 11th, and St Columbus, Garvagh. Reports in the next blog or 2 or 3….. and piks ASA we get the legals sorted…. L, S the B

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