good onya, our Jonny! thanks a million Nic! and beware ‘disposable’ nappies

*** congratulations to our wonderful website genius Jonny/Jonathan Mitchell, on his graduation today from Queens, and scholarship to UCD, University College Dublin for a Masters in I think, Contemporary European Philosophy…..

hurray!!! says Baglady, who wouldn’t exist in cyberspace without him.

*** also, thanks to amazing Nicola Lyons who’s now with Northern Ireland Screen, after single-handedly lifting our MLA pledge numbers to the high 40s – not far off half the Assembly

*** we also have a wonderful pledge from a Bangor Mum-to-be about using natural nappies. Thank goodness someone cares.

… and praise to Julie Hannaway of Derry City Council, who’s been working hard with Altnagelvin Hospital on the real nappy issue for a year or 2 now. Baglady will see Julie soon when she picks up the ASAP pledge from the new Mayor. and check out the nappy scene… pooooooh….

Baglady, friends and family are receiving wonderful promises from people in positions of power and influence all over NI and way beyond. One of them is Mehary Girma, from Lalibela.

As someone said in the NOW show on radio 4 tonight, it’s time for us all to speak out. At long bloomin last. I’ll be listening to the repeat, tomorrow 12.30pm…

Best beams, Baglady

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