Good onya Bairbre! [de Brun, MEP]

This is a blog to praise our first MEP to take the ASAP pledge. Bairbre de Brun, Sinn Fein member of the European Parliament representing Northern Ireland. Bairbre’s giving up using the car for short journeys; she’s taking up walking and cycling more.

I hope the other 2 NI MEPs will rush to join her! and MEPs anywhere are welcome to pledge ASAP too.

Bairbre de Brun + S the B .jpg

It’s all GOOD news and we do need that now.

A pledge is a public thing to do [see pledge results] and it’s a commitment. On the day I last saw Bairbre, she was on her way to Climate Change talks in Cancun, Mexico and had a lot more on her mind than Pledge ASAP. But Pledge ASAP is simple, no cost and practical. Plus usually it’s GOOD for you. So thanks, Bairbre, we’ll be checking on your progress!

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