Pledge Games

We’re always thinking of fun and easy ways to think of pledges. You can find some of these on this page. Just click the pic to download, print, read the instructions and get pledging!

Remember to enter your pledge on the Kids Pledge ASAP page.

Pick-a-Pledge Puzzle Game

Pick-a-Pledge Image

Some of you may know the finger-puzzle game from your school days (and remember: pledging isn’t just for kids!). Baglady Productions has transformed it into another fun way for kids (and adults) to pick their pledges.

Just print and fold the puzzle by following the included instructions, or ask an adult to help. We’ve provided two versions for you to print and use: either take the blank template and add your own colours and ASAP pledges; or, use the ready-to-play template and start picking and pledging straight away.

What can you and your friends and family DO to help your environment?

Spin-a-Pledge Game

Spin a Pledge

To play the Spin-a-Pledge game, simply print and cut out the Spin-a-Pledge disc, place a pencil or pen in the middle, and spin it!

Whatever pledge the pencil’s lead lands on is the one you’ll take. If it’s unsuitable, just have another spin!