G8 Edinburgh – Baglady reports

The mighty friendly Scots capital this week welcomed thousands of people here to protest G8 and/or attend Live8 concerts. And thousands of police.

An amazing atmosphere of acceptance and goodwill, in spite of the violence that gets the headlines [when will the media realise they make the news, not just report it?]

Baglady – focused as ever on beauty, rubbish and picking up – has been zooming about on excellent Lothian buses, filming, meeting all sorts of people, and picking up rubbish.

Murrayfield: The rubbish in the area near the stadium on Live8 night was dealt with by council workers overnight. They say, they’re used to it, with stadium events. But, hold on: This was a statement about global poverty and injustice. How can people say they want to see a better future for Africa, while continuing to drop rubbish? It’s all one world.

Gleneagles is only a hotel. What mattered to Baglady was that the people of Auchterarder welcomed us so warmly (they had no choice, but still they did it right).

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