Do You EVER?

WHY do the survey?

Enniskillen Girls

The DO you EVER? survey is a great way to:

  • meet people
  • show the world you care
  • raise the subject of plastic bags tactfully
  • gather information and good news for Baglady and NEEDabag?

WHERE to do the survey?

  • Any busy place

So far we’ve done it:

  • at Enniskillen Show and at the Diamond and the bridge
  • outside Tesco in Antrim and Newtownabbey
  • outside Queen’s University Students’ Union

HOW to do the survey

Donagh, Kim, Percy Plastic

You will need:

  • You can do it alone or with others. It definitely helps to do one of the following: dress up in plastic bags – send us your picture!
  • 1-20 people (children work in pairs)
  • pencil and paper each
  • a cheery smile
  • a Baglady or Percy Plastic or similar costume will help get good results. Or be a kid!

What To Ask

Newtownabbey Survey

“Excuse me, do you EVER say NO to plastic bags?”

Click to Play

You may be amazed with your results, and people using reusable bags will be delighted to show them to you!

Put a wee tick for every person who answers YES (they usually smile as well, especially if you look as daft as Baglady) in the YES column. And for every NO, a wee tick in the NO column.

Good luck.

Results so Far


Antrim Survey

So in the lead at this point, Enniskillen, just a nose ahead of Queen’s University, Belfast, with Antrim and Newtownabbey neck and neck in third place.

YOU can win a Golden Bag Award for the most unusual alternative to plastic bags but you’ve got to PROVE you use it – with a PIK outside your local shop, or by your local river, or under a bag-free tree, or something brilliant and easy.

You can also do the poll here:

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