Cairo: a ‘tourist’s eye view by Baglady

Baglady experiences pyramids

Baglady experiences pyramids

You wouldn’t believe it. Whole busloads of Aussies and Irish were slap in the middle of Cairo yesterday, and yet we got neither sight nor sound of the protests in Tahrir Square where Al Jazeera news says at least 33 people were killed. We can see it on endless replay on our TVs in our cabins.

But everyone I speak to who went on the Cairo + Pyramids/CruiseontheNilewithbellydance tour yesterday [Mon] was shocked by the scenes taking place at that better known tourist spot, the Pyramids, complete with Sphinx….. mfl [more later]……

Suddenly all we old and elderly etc people are coming out with all this stuff about the state of the world, and what we NEED to DO about it. Mostly women but lots of men: list includes: Sharon, Robin, Ruth, David, 3XWendy, Sylvia’s the latest oh yes and Don. And Thomas. Fred Thomas. Plus Tomislav, Nick, Omar, JimX2…. it’s endless. Phyllis. Lynn and husband…

They’re from all over Australia. And loads are of Irish/Irish descent. Fred’s great great grandfather was deported in 1815 for stealing a roll of fabric…

Somewhere in the middle of all this story is Northern Ireland. Ably represented by Baglady. Who in turns represents NI’s contribution to European Week of Waste Reduction, Owen Lyttle, Jane Cassidy, Steve Aston, Alison Curtis, Sue, Declan, James, Judy [Do it Loud], Bo and Bairbre and the bell… EWWR’s a big story and Baglady’s pledged to support it, report it and then in January we’re doing yes, a big follow-up event in Ballymena. ASAP Day. Or Shop ASAP Day. Whatever our girls on the ground decide to call it.

How’s it going Rachael? with the John Toal Show – coollest show in the country folks, the Saturday Magazine show, on Radio Ulster, 10-12 every Saturday. And what are you brothers doing to celebrate the end of EWWR??? Rachael’s giving you all a call, to find out.

Meanwhile Baglady’s been having fun, eating forbidden foods, filming rubbish, and beauty, everywhere she goes and she’s dying to share it with you, as are the 500-odd crew, staff and passengers of this wee cruise ship from the big country: the Athena, Goddess of Wisdom! from the land recently known as Australia. Which is about to be taken over, ASAP….

and guess what! we’re 3 hours ahead of you already brothers…. only 8 more to go and we’ll be in Australia. ifya know what I mean…

best beams, BL

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