baglady arrives in Australia! Christmas greetings and love to all

the voyage is over! I got to the Blue Mountains Wed 21st! via the famous Indian Pacific train from Perth to Adelaide and Sydney

and thanks to all of you who travelled ASAP with Baglady
I had loads of kind messages and to be honest, I hardly suffered at all; even on the train I found myself travelling with freelance radio and news journo Tom Gilmore from Galway, who’s already taken the first Baglady piks in Oz, giving me an excuse to parade up and down the train preaching my usual anti-waste pro-planet messages

found out why my Hamburg Süd container ship was cancelled: the kiwi fruit they were to pick up in New Zealand was attacked by a pest or a virus called PSA.

it’s lovely to be back in my 2nd earthly home, the economic chaos has not quite hit here yet but [almost] everyone I meet is talking about impending change and thank goodness there’s a lot of good thinking around about the changes we all need to make ASAP!!!

by the way let’s put the Christ back in Christmas, or have the guts to call it something else….

2012 is the year we get Australia sucked in!! it’s now or never…

best beams, Baglady…

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