ASAP pledges move forward again!! Silverstream Primary School, teachers KiDS and parents, joined by MLA Roy Beggs…

what’s happening is:
Mill Strand
Silverstream, Beggs, the local papers
Belfast EWRW
3 blogs a week – in order to guarantee compulsive reading, 3 a wk…??
can I do it? at this rate, YES!!! I’m feeling so inspired
Lucy in her bag Tshirt or as I put it, Tbags….
Roy ex enviro-ctee… was hoping to persuade him to support that bag tax… DMcK…

We’ve only got audio from Silverstream so far, no visuals yet, except the Advertiser visited.and the Times? ran the story the week before.

The profile of ASAP is shooting right UP!.

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  • Cool stuff — great to see the ASAP pledges moving forward. In my workshops with teachers, I’m using the blog as one example of a “21st Century Skill”, blogging to create connections and to generate interest in a project. Hoorah for Shirley and Baglady!

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