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Baglady on Radio Ulster 11am SATURDAY

BBC Radio Ulster's  John Toal last interview with Baglady

BBC Radio Ulster’s John Toal last interview with Baglady

Waahoo! Baglady is taking the As Sustainable As Possible message onto Radio Ulster’s John Toal show 11am THIS Saturday. Listen and lets hear what you think!
Contact the BBC sa[email protected] or via!/BagladyNI “>
Best beams!

watch karen, hear karen

our lovely Karen Cannard [Bury St Edmonds, Suffolk] is on Channel 4 Despatches, Monday Nov 10 8pm talking ending rubbish and waste. Baglady will be watching on tvcatchup…

Tuesay Nov 11 at 10am she’s on BBC Woman’s Hour, with WRAP head Liz Goodwin and British Retail Consortium’s Bob Gordon. WHY can’t we recycle plastic??

meanwhile Baglady’s off to Shop ASAP in and around Ballymena on Thursday, piks, film and report to follow…

latest MP pledgers: Michelle Gildernew and Paul Maskey; we’ve got half the NI Assembly pledged now, thanks for your leadership all MLAs, MPs, MEPs, TDs… Northern Ireland [hey] leads the world….

my dear old journo friend Wendy [Oxford] says NI’s getting a reputation for ecology-consciousness!

beaming on, Baglady

Coleraine, Dungannon, Ballymena in latest ASAP events

Great meeting last Friday with Coleraine Mayor Maurice Bradley, and Environmental Health director Kieran Doherty, who have responsibility for a beautiful and varied borough, with stunning coastline and rich rural. Coleraine are to table the ASAP Pledge Resolution – still in preparation with Armagh council – and take part in Baglady’s proposed Shop ASAP film project, for European Waste Reduction Week [Nov 19-27]

Visits this week to Dungannon Integrated College – where Baglady will talk with 3 Year 10 classes about their take on Climate Change and what to do about it. Also meeting Mayor and others from Dungannon Council. Our 2007 Dungannon NEEDabag film is on this website and Youtube.

Reports next blog on this, and our Thursday Ballymena meeting: Excellent Ballymena ASAP, hosted by Ballymena Mayor Hubert Nicholl at the ECOS Centre. 2pm.

Look out also for our ASAP map and details of how to TASAP – Travel ASAP with Baglady, friends and family….

Larne stars, Omagh stars, BBC stars…

Here’s one of the GOOD things that’s happening in Northern Ireland.

As you go in the front door at Larne Borough Council, guess what you see?

larne leiterdorp sm.jpg

This is just like Baglady’s Leiterdorp. It shows how much solar energy I/we are generating at any moment of the day, how much energy we’ve created for the general grid and our own use, and how much carbon dioxide we’ve NOT created. Bloomin wonderful.

Well done Larne.

And well done Omagh. The Salad Bowl features as the first sustainable shop in our new SASAP series [Shop As Sustainably as Possible with Baglady Friends & Family, around Northern Ireland, around the world. Check youtube, and let us know where YOU shop ASAP. A vital part of Living ASAP.

GOOD news about the BBC. On October 29th, days before her departure from Antwerp, sailing for Australia via the oceans of the world, Baglady will be on air with John Toal on Radio Ulster’s Saturday Live

Is anyone out there listening? Baglady asks…

1st drafted August 15th; pik: August 30; PS: Sept 1…

Aren't we gorgeous? BL and Moyle chairperson Paudie McX.jpg

is anyone out there listening? cos I’ve got lots of GOOD news to share…. [says me, Baglady]

I was always told when I was training as a journalist, that GOOD news is not news, that the only good news is BAD news

and I have news! for you brothers, sisters

BAD news has had its day: we are over it. [I even know journalists who are, over it]

it’s time for us ALL/S to get together and save this world for and with our children. Anybody out there?

my message is floating towards you in a bottle, from the high seas of the world [or will be in a couple on months]

and if YOU see that bottle… and you don’t reach over, pick it out of the water, open it, read the message and SHOUT the GOOD news to the world, the danger is, the bottle could drift away into the wide ocean, and no one ever find it……

which would be the greatest tragedy, ever…

so keep watching this space
and get ready to leap
on board Baglady’s Ark…. calling at your nearest port and harbour in the next few weeks and months….

we’ve got good news emerging as we speak which will bring together the fine excellent people of Armagh, Ballymena, Coleraine, Derry, Edinburgh, Fermanagh, Lisboa, Vence, Vancouver, Ballyeamon, Ahoghill, Labibela and of course ‘Australia’… and so the list goes on… avec Michelin de Ballymena, JTI, Wrightbus, Harryville Primary School, the Guardian and the Times; oh yeah and the DoENI…. and Translink. And Nigel the Devine.

PS the latest to join us are Moyle, smallest [and most beautiful?] council in the country, folks.. + Larne, Ballymoney, Limavady... there’s a whole lot already on board and we’re working through the list, so we can tell you who they are and what they’re doing…. WATCH this space and look out for bottles.

and the MOST amazing news of all: I can’t believe it!!! Northern Ireland is getting cleaner. I’ve got pictures. Why? Because wise people are starting to bend the knee and pick up. And other wise people are stopping dropping; and feeling good about it, telling their friends. If you’ve got pictures: send them to us ASAP. And NIEA, and Tidy Northern Ireland. Pledge ASAP and pass on in any way you can…… best beams, Baglady

good onya, our Jonny! thanks a million Nic! and beware ‘disposable’ nappies

*** congratulations to our wonderful website genius Jonny/Jonathan Mitchell, on his graduation today from Queens, and scholarship to UCD, University College Dublin for a Masters in I think, Contemporary European Philosophy…..

hurray!!! says Baglady, who wouldn’t exist in cyberspace without him.

*** also, thanks to amazing Nicola Lyons who’s now with Northern Ireland Screen, after single-handedly lifting our MLA pledge numbers to the high 40s – not far off half the Assembly

*** we also have a wonderful pledge from a Bangor Mum-to-be about using natural nappies. Thank goodness someone cares.

… and praise to Julie Hannaway of Derry City Council, who’s been working hard with Altnagelvin Hospital on the real nappy issue for a year or 2 now. Baglady will see Julie soon when she picks up the ASAP pledge from the new Mayor. and check out the nappy scene… pooooooh….

Baglady, friends and family are receiving wonderful promises from people in positions of power and influence all over NI and way beyond. One of them is Mehary Girma, from Lalibela.

As someone said in the NOW show on radio 4 tonight, it’s time for us all to speak out. At long bloomin last. I’ll be listening to the repeat, tomorrow 12.30pm…

Best beams, Baglady

Ministers McGuinness and O’Dowd Pledge ASAP

It’s much too midsummery for blogging…

… but I have to share the good news that 2 more Assembly Ministers have taken the time to Pledge ASAP: Martin McGuinness and John O’Dowd. I’ll have to go back and count how many that is now, we’re well on the way to getting half MLAs pledged [54]

With the response from businesses, councils and schools and a lot of talented people, things should leap forward again after the July holidays..

I also want to thank 2 old school friends, Sally Marsh née Craig, and Maureen Toner née McKinney, for pledging. We’ve all known each other for over 60 years!

We’re gathering a great message to send out to the world, and as I write, I’m thinking about really getting to the nitty gritty of Living, and Leaving ASAP in the film we’re working on. I’ve got to put it all together like a jigsaw, so everyone can see what we’ve got to do, and how; who’s doing what, who can help and so on.

We’ve got VERY special news now to share with the world. A big solid group of elected politicians have dared to do something a lot of their voters haven’t got round to yet; drop a habit or 2, pick up a good one or 2…

Rain holds of for 2011 Stormont ASAP event picnic

With all this changing weather, we were taking a big chance. But we
wanted to get close to our MLAs and have a great location for the Living ASAP film, so we picked the front lawn at Stormont. So….

Kids and ALLs at the picnic

No media coverage due to Rory McIlroy’s great golf win and the Short Strand violence, but see yourself in the pics featured here, and the ASAP NI shout to the world film, which we’re releasing ASAP… [ie when it’s finished].

Walking up the Hill

Richard Jolly and I travelled ASAP as usual, train to Central, bus to Stormont gates. Met a few fearless faithful, ready to walk the Royal Mile with Baglady and photographer Melissa Gordon. Including Julia, Jim and Sandra, Rachael with her son Peter, and her Mum and friends.. and my son Nick; and Jacky with her son Ben…. and other small groups of people.

Up at Stormont we met up with a delegation from NIEL led by Sue Christie, Gary McFarland from Stop Climate Chaos, and the 4 schools: St Colm’s High School Draperstown, with St Mary’s PS, Harryville PS in their bus hired by Wrightbus, and Ballymacrickett PS. And their politicians were there to meet them and to speak: Mervyn Storey, Cathal Boylan, Anna Lo, Steven Agnew, and Naomi Long MP, who started the speeches. Alex Atwood, our new envirominister, has made a lovely pledge involving his wife and daughters. My dear storytelling friend Liz Weir took loads of pictures, beamed goodwill all around and shared her pledge stories. There was Mary who’s been carless for about 2 yrs…

Baglady, kids and politicians on the Stormont steps

Ada Ketchie sang her Baglady song; Jacky Ingram got us laughing, Diane Wilson played the saw with Jonny Mitchell on guitar. Nic, Iris and Rachael told of our ASAP work with politicians, councils, schools and businesses. Julia urged us to Vote with Our Baskets, Sarah and John spoke about the sustainability of breastfeeding and bikes, people knitted with Judy’s wool and made flags with Heather and picnicked more or less ASAP.

Picnicking on the lawn

The new Lord Mayor of Belfast was not there to make his moving speech for our film, because of the violence in Short Strand. We shall however meet very soon. Same with the new Derry City Lord Mayor.

Baglady and storyteller Liz Weir

The reports about this event have been warm and glowing; that’s what I was hoping for. Now there’s news of more great moves forward: NIEL’s meeting on 22nd with Minister Atwood and Envirochairperson Anna Lo. And Belfast City Council’s recycling week businesses breakfast today.

People say NI’s always behind the times, but I say: once we get there, we’re grand!! Spread the word in every way to all your friends and family. Living ASAP is urgent, needed, now…

best beams, Baglady
Shirley Lewis

Click ‘Continue Reading…’ below to see lots of pics from the day.

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praising Ballymena, Stormont ASAP

It’s not often a weekly paper gets to scoop the world news, but yes! Ballymena Guardian‘s out on the exact day, Midsummer Tuesday with a lovely piece by Seana, launching the global ASAP story.

let’s hope this will be the first in an endless series about what we Ballymena people, individuals, groups, businesses, schools, above all, politicians – what we’re all doing, to help bring back the balance…. when we film this, loads of KIDS shout YaY! at this point

Today I was invited to speak for a few minutes about Pledge ASAP, at the APSE [Association for Public Service Excellence] sustainability seminar in Ballymena’s ECOS centre. Mayor Hubert Nicholl had also put pledge forms out for those attending – so we hope to see the message spreading further through our councils. No time to lose.

Ballymena’s where I grew up, and returned to live in 2001, just round the corner from where I started. It’s my place, my town, my river, my land, etc. And like most places I’ve been in Northern Ireland, it’s much more littered than it was 10 years ago. Because the stuff people are dropping doesn’t break down. Children in our schools drop it because their parents don’t tell them not to.

I take full responsibility for playing my part in taking care of it all, whatever I can do to help bring us back to respect. Ditto for Omagh, Belfast, Armagh and Derry City, Strabane, Carrickfergus and Coleraine and all councils and communities working with us – and us working with them.

So please pledge ASAP ….. this is Northern Ireland’s SHOUT to the world and we need everybody.

We are talking naked and unashamed good news. About people making good choices; people learning from their mistakes, people reaching out across the world to solve problems together.

We are talking people in our community, making a difference in whatever way we can: Wrightbus, Harryville Primary School and Harryville Partnership, Michelin…. Patton… Translink….. BITCNI, WRAP, the DoENI [Rethink Waste]

midsummer’s day draws nigh in NI

Final few days’ preparations for our ASAP midsummer’s day picnic, at Stormont, Praying for sun…

I was just thinking… how great it would be, if our new Environment Minister Alex Atwood can come to our ASAP picnic .. we’ve invited him, of course; and I’ve heard very good reports about him from many directions, already… so a lot of hopes resting with Alex…

Should he come to the picnic, Alex will be Baglady’s 10th Environment Minister [Australia, UK, RoI, NI] and there’s an interesting story about each one…

The only one BL didn’t meet was Margaret Beckett, who replied to her letter sent to her through Ian Paisley Jnr, her local MP and latest to share his pledge with local children at Carniny Primary School, Ballymena. Ian talks well with kids.

DVWP, the sun will be shining [weather prediction by Iona from NIEL] The rest of us start picnicking ASAP 12 noon on…. Baglady processes up the Royal Mile 11.30, from Stormont gates. Speakers miked 1-2pm only and we’re also having World Café tablecloths…. Julia’s idea to gather info and share views..

Join us! show you care! Pledge ASAP and pass on to THE WORLD! Come on everybody. Be with us really, or virtually….. let’s gently rock poor oul Mother Earth back onto her axis

..if it rains, hails, snows or thunders, ask at Stormont gates, they’ll direct you to the Pavilion….


Excellent pledge news coming up, from Michelin, Ballymena. Environmental activists delighted. Brilliant news from St Catherine’s College, Armagh and Armagh council. Met Mayor Freda and Chief Executive John Briggs, who’s going to draft Armagh’s ASAP pledge. Which will then be available to inspire councils all over NI – and, well, the world. Why not.

some very good things are going on here in Northern Ireland. This is our moment to shout ASAP to the far corners of the earth eg China, Australia, New Zealand… and of course, dear old Americay…..lots of us lovely Irish there and everywhere……

best beams, Baglady