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great news!

I’m in cyberspace with John Toal again, tonight/this morning depending on where in the world you are…

Radio Ulster, voices of the people of Northern Ireland. 11.45 Irish time. 10.45 Eastern Standard time, Australia.

Travel ASAP with me as I zoom down right into the map, which in turn transforms magically into the faces, voices, the classrooms of Northern Ireland. The streets, the villages and towns of Northern Ireland. The children of Northern Ireland.

A lot of people here in Australia are saying: The one thing we all need is a change of heart. That’s do-able.

Only 2 sleeps till Ballymena ASAP, 11-4 Mon 30th. We’re all with you Ballymena! AND all the people who’re taking part, from all round the place. Portadown, Whitehead, Belfast, Comber, Strabane…….loads of other places…

ASAP Australia! Baglady film reaches Ballymena

I’m just celebrating the arrival of the film: Ballymena ASAP: Baglady’s reply to Mayor Hubert of Ballymena

It’s for our Ballymena ASAP event – at the Braid, on Monday January 30, 11-4pm. It will be shown on the day, and up on Youtube and our website, ASAP…

thanks to everybody that’s helping, talking AND doing – we must be in the millions now – keep Living ASAP and watch the world get better… [I wish I could promise that bit…]

we need GET WELL cartoons for Mother Earth…. anyone drawing one? send it to us!… prizes?

best beams,



Gday this is Baglady, safe in the Blue Mountains after my ASAP journey across the world and ‘Australia’ from October 30 to December 21.

Have you heard about Ballymena ASAP?

It’s happening on Monday January the 30th, 11am-4pm at the Braid Centre in Ballymena

To be honest, it sounds as if it’s going to be amazing. At least 80 people – but room for more if you book now [see website] and it’s FREE, thanks to the Mayor and Ballymena Borough Council and a lot of hard work by Baglady Productions, and many others in many fields.

If you can’t come, we understand at this late notice, but PLEASE pass on this beautiful piece of NI Good News to all your friends and family. Anywhere in the world. Let’s rock Mother Earth gently back onto her axis.

I will be there on the day! ASAP of course, which means virtual travel. But I’ll be there, on the film I made with Gary Caganoff yesterday. And Danny Joyce is filming the event so we’ll all be able to see what goes on in Ballymena on Youtube etc.

” Winning the world over through humour and determination.”

That’s me, Baglady.

Least, that’s how Catherine Weller [where are you Catherine??] sees me, on Facebook.

Yes, it’s that simple. That’s what thousands, millions , hundreds of millions of us are all doing.

Only trouble is, we’re HUMAN. Which usually means, we keep getting it wrong…

But luckily, the time’s now come for us to step beyond these former limitations, and dare to be brilliant. Because we have no choice. Forget Ebay. Google respect, listening, brilliance.

Be there with us at Ballymena ASAP on January 30. Baglady will be there virtually [TASAP]. Other speakers are fantastic. See programme

“Fantastic! Winning the world over through humour and determination.” Yes, that’s me, Baglady. It can be YOU TOO

I heard Jonathan Porritt on BBC World, saying world solar energy is only 3-4 years away. Just around the corner he said. Everybody wake up and join the great EVOLUTION!!

Best beams as always from me Baglady

help Baglady connect the world! New Year message

1 year ago, 1/1/11, I got myself on BBC Radio 4, and spoke to the world [I hope!] on Listeners Look Ahead – yknow, the pubic response programme straight after Correspondents Look Ahead, which I was shocked [not] to find had absolutely NO mention of environment issues. Everything else but.

So I rang and predicted a LOT of enviro events. I had my minute and 2 other speakers added their bit. It was good. Because that day, tho few knew, was the Secret Unofficial Launch of Round 2 of Pledge ASAP, and that was where we ended up getting the support of over half the NI Assembly, over half the NI MPs, etc etc….

EVERYONE I speak to, ever, says the BBC and now in Australia the ABC, is not doing enough on environment. People need to know WHAT to do, HOW, and WHERE.. and of course it’s good to know why and who else is doing it.

I’m totally inspired by my return to the stunning Blue Mountains. Also I see many signs that alarm me, of course.,..

So I’ve already made contact with lovely KELLY from Blue Mountains City Council and all set to work through them with local and national schools, councils, politicians, media… same old ASAP recipe…. Mayor Daniel Myles, look out, Baglady’s coming…

Come on NI and OZ, we’ve started something wonderful, let’s help spread it around the world…. Happy New Year and hope this makes sense, I’m on wifi in a café, pending full internet connection.

Love and thanks for being there… S the B

baglady arrives in Australia! Christmas greetings and love to all

the voyage is over! I got to the Blue Mountains Wed 21st! via the famous Indian Pacific train from Perth to Adelaide and Sydney

and thanks to all of you who travelled ASAP with Baglady
I had loads of kind messages and to be honest, I hardly suffered at all; even on the train I found myself travelling with freelance radio and news journo Tom Gilmore from Galway, who’s already taken the first Baglady piks in Oz, giving me an excuse to parade up and down the train preaching my usual anti-waste pro-planet messages

found out why my Hamburg Süd container ship was cancelled: the kiwi fruit they were to pick up in New Zealand was attacked by a pest or a virus called PSA.

it’s lovely to be back in my 2nd earthly home, the economic chaos has not quite hit here yet but [almost] everyone I meet is talking about impending change and thank goodness there’s a lot of good thinking around about the changes we all need to make ASAP!!!

by the way let’s put the Christ back in Christmas, or have the guts to call it something else….

2012 is the year we get Australia sucked in!! it’s now or never…

best beams, Baglady…

Satellite link up on Radio Ulster

After safe crossing of Arabian Sea, we heard Baglady on live satellite link up! with John Toal of Radio Ulster’s Saturday Magazine, horrah! it worked!! Did you catch it? Click ‘listen now’ at
Baglady on last ten minutes of show as Athena rounded tip of Sri Lanka then continued the seven day stretch at sea across Bay of Bengal carrying ASAP message.

On Sunday 11am our time Baglady did a 1/2 hr presentation for the ship crew and passengers, the deputy captain spoke about how the ship conforms to MarPol, the international regs on ship waste disposal in the various countries on route…. something to proud of….
We look forward to hearing and seeing more news, as world’s first ASAP ship – Athena reaches Andaman Sea following coast of Myanmar [Burma] to Baglady’s next stop Phuket in Thailand!

Travel ASAP to Australia ship 'Athena'

Travel ASAP to Australia ship ‘Athena’

journey since Cairo

moving through Suez – was so beautiful, tranquil, smooth, serious almost solemn that even before we’d got through I wanted to turn round, go back and come through again.
I didn’t use my glasses much [gazing in wonder] so it was a surprise to me when several passengers earnestly informed me that the whole way we were being watched from the banks, by people with guns. nothing to worry about, they assured me.

after Aqaba and further afloat…

This is a little message for all the children of Northern Ireland. It’s about all kinds of school subjects… there’s English, Maths etc etc but really it’s about looking after our world/how beautiful our world is, and how we can look after it…

How can Baglady get it to you? we send it to all the schools we know, via the teachers, Eco-committees etc. And maybe the papers can help, and maybe John Toal’s show will help us… and maybe all our friends and family will pass it

This is the scene.
The weather is beautiful, mild, perfect. It’s just a little busride from the big, white ship [which is much smaller than all the other big white ships in port] to the centre of the city.
I’ve taken off my smelly old Baglady bags and am wearing a long skirt, a shirt and a long scarf wrapped around my head because that’s what women and girls do around here

now I understand why Northern Ireland’s only been in the world news when there’s fighting on… we don’t have a lot of money… is that really ALL journalists can think about? Politicians worried or unrepentant politicians… need role-model of responsible.. ASAP….

lost at sea: Baglady

Folks I’m lost at sea at present. Can’t get or send emails at all.

Trying so hard to get through to Iris and Rachael, Bill, Jacky, Julia, Nick, all the NI councils, newspapers, and all the schools but I have to say: it’s not working. Technology is NOT the answer to the world’s problems.

In 2 days I will be in Salalah which is in Oman… Hope I can connect from there via wifi and or phone, skype, whatever.

Then long long days at sea to Thailand. So wish me luck everyone and I hope we speak SOON.

Tell all your friends and family to do as much as you can ASAP!!

not drowning, waving… Baglady

Cairo: a ‘tourist’s eye view by Baglady

Baglady experiences pyramids

Baglady experiences pyramids

You wouldn’t believe it. Whole busloads of Aussies and Irish were slap in the middle of Cairo yesterday, and yet we got neither sight nor sound of the protests in Tahrir Square where Al Jazeera news says at least 33 people were killed. We can see it on endless replay on our TVs in our cabins.

But everyone I speak to who went on the Cairo + Pyramids/CruiseontheNilewithbellydance tour yesterday [Mon] was shocked by the scenes taking place at that better known tourist spot, the Pyramids, complete with Sphinx….. mfl [more later]……

Suddenly all we old and elderly etc people are coming out with all this stuff about the state of the world, and what we NEED to DO about it. Mostly women but lots of men: list includes: Sharon, Robin, Ruth, David, 3XWendy, Sylvia’s the latest oh yes and Don. And Thomas. Fred Thomas. Plus Tomislav, Nick, Omar, JimX2…. it’s endless. Phyllis. Lynn and husband…

They’re from all over Australia. And loads are of Irish/Irish descent. Fred’s great great grandfather was deported in 1815 for stealing a roll of fabric…

Somewhere in the middle of all this story is Northern Ireland. Ably represented by Baglady. Who in turns represents NI’s contribution to European Week of Waste Reduction, Owen Lyttle, Jane Cassidy, Steve Aston, Alison Curtis, Sue, Declan, James, Judy [Do it Loud], Bo and Bairbre and the bell… EWWR’s a big story and Baglady’s pledged to support it, report it and then in January we’re doing yes, a big follow-up event in Ballymena. ASAP Day. Or Shop ASAP Day. Whatever our girls on the ground decide to call it.

How’s it going Rachael? with the John Toal Show – coollest show in the country folks, the Saturday Magazine show, on Radio Ulster, 10-12 every Saturday. And what are you brothers doing to celebrate the end of EWWR??? Rachael’s giving you all a call, to find out.

Meanwhile Baglady’s been having fun, eating forbidden foods, filming rubbish, and beauty, everywhere she goes and she’s dying to share it with you, as are the 500-odd crew, staff and passengers of this wee cruise ship from the big country: the Athena, Goddess of Wisdom! from the land recently known as Australia. Which is about to be taken over, ASAP….

and guess what! we’re 3 hours ahead of you already brothers…. only 8 more to go and we’ll be in Australia. ifya know what I mean…

best beams, BL