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Unheard Voices

Hundreds of people have already joined Concern’s Unheard Voices campaign urging the UK government to listen to the millions of poor farmers around the world. Click here to read more and join up.


Progressive policy in Buenos Aires

Our friend David Smith was in Argentina recently, and emailed us regarding the capital’s sound recycling policy.

When I was in Buenos Aires last August, I was very impressed by the recycling efforts in place all over the city. At many street corners, we saw several bins — “food waste”, “paper only”, plastic only”, etc. And within the school I was visiting, the same thing. There is a real sense of responsibility among children and adults.

You can read more about what’s going on.


It’s Cancer Care Daffodil day

Why not go to Irish Cancer Care to find out more or make a donation?


Has the government the right green policies?

What do you think of government proposals? How important is global cooperation?

Join the debate on the BBC website here.


Have you ever wondered where your recycling goes?

So did some readers of the BBC website. Read about it here.


Treehugger have some interesting guides on living more sustainably

Ways to be more green at home, at work, when buying gifts and more. The guides are collected here.


Globalwarming has a great list

of simple things you can do in your daily life to help reduce global warming. reprints the list with some additions.


Green Alliance says micropower has come of age

A mini-power station on the roof of many UK homes will soon be possible and affordable, a British think-tank says.

In a report which will be published on 15 September, it says the sun, the wind and even the heat in the soil can all provide clean energy for a household.

BBC Article


Treehugger have a Google Group for Eco-filmmakers

Take a look here