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Susie Wise’s Message

Philip Allen’s hemp crop is carbon negative

Philip Allen“When it’s growing in the field, one hectare of hemp absorbs 10 tons of C02…”

Philip and Hempire Building Materials Ltd manufacture sustainable building materials, suitable for the construction of zero carbon construction, including Lime Eco Plaster.

Check out their website to find out more.

We Love Edith!

edith.jpgOpinionated senior and friend of Baglady Edith Wise weighs in with her views on the plastic bag problem. She also has her own show on YouHooTube, which everyone is advised to check out.

Edith Wise may or may not be a pseudonym of Australian dramatist Sue Ingleton.

Miriam on Cars

Here’s a little podcast by Miriam from Eglantine Community Garden on cars.


Baglady podcasts!

We’re happy to introduce the first Baglady podcast! If you are unsure of what podcasting is, you can read this article.

There are three steps involved in setting up your personal computer to receive podcasts.
1. Get some podcast software (iTunes etc)
2. Subscribe to podcasts (via our RSS Feed – the little orange symbol on the bottom right menu)
3. Listen to the audio or watch the video

If you don’t want to subscribe (though we recommend you do: it’s handy, and you’ll never miss a thing!), we’ve made sure you’ll always be able to listen right on the webpage. Look out for the green play button (see below).

Baglady was interviewed by Scott Williams on Dublin’s Q102 on Friday, talking about the anniversary of NEEDabag?, how she got started, and why our politicians need to listen, especially to our kids.