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84,000 pieces of rubbish on 2 miles of N.Ireland country roadside

Baglady says:

This is the kind of thing we have to face, and deal with

There are 84000 pieces of rubbish
on 2 miles of country road
between Galgorm and Cullybackey
It’s a narrow, winding beautiful road
with fields on either side
some lovely trees, an old cottage right on the edge of the road
which makes your heart, kind of, bend.

There’s nobody ever walking on the road
because there’s no pavement
and the cars drive too fast
along this narrow bendy road
between Cullybackey and Galgorm
the 84,000 piecees of rubbish have been thrown out of vehicles passing along this road
and 95% of it, at least, will not break down for hundreds of years, if ever.