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7 years is long enough

SweepingBaglady calls for action on plastic bags, packaging, and waste of all kinds

I started campaigning about plastic bags at the end of 2000, so it’s now 7 years on and we’re not winning yet. How much longer do we need?
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A quick post-party update


We had a great day on Saturday! A huge thanks to everyone who came along, and all of you who were unable to attend and sent us messages of support. We had them all on display on our message wall.

There will be a full update in a few days, but in the meantime you can see just a few of our photos here.

Baglady podcasts!

We’re happy to introduce the first Baglady podcast! If you are unsure of what podcasting is, you can read this article.

There are three steps involved in setting up your personal computer to receive podcasts.
1. Get some podcast software (iTunes etc)
2. Subscribe to podcasts (via our RSS Feed – the little orange symbol on the bottom right menu)
3. Listen to the audio or watch the video

If you don’t want to subscribe (though we recommend you do: it’s handy, and you’ll never miss a thing!), we’ve made sure you’ll always be able to listen right on the webpage. Look out for the green play button (see below).

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Baglady was interviewed by Scott Williams on Dublin’s Q102 on Friday, talking about the anniversary of NEEDabag?, how she got started, and why our politicians need to listen, especially to our kids.

Baglord Roy says “Not Good Enough”

We’d like to introduce our first guest-columnist Roy Paver, Newton Abbot’s Baglord. Roy is an English environmental campaigner, dedicated to ridding our towns and countryside of plastic bags. His website is Say No To Plastic Bags.

Over to Roy:

What a copout the Environment Ministers of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have inflicted on the environments they suppose to represent.
They have agreed to give the shops and supermarkets in the UK two years to reduce plastic carrier bag consumption by a pathetic 25%, and they are pleased with themselves!

For a Government who has got the will to go to war on terrorism, costing billions of pounds and hundreds of lives, they don’t have the bottle to follow the Irish government’s lead and slap a tax on all plastic carrier bags. They couldn’t even follow the Australian lead and make it a target of 50% reduction.

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Wanted! Baglords and ladies

We’re looking for Baglords and Ladies of any age, size, shape, colour and religion.

If you’d like to have fun (it is!) and say NO to plastic bags in your area, get in touch.

Amy Brett

We have 2 Irish Bagladies: Shirley Lewis (61) and Aimee Brett (age 7, who was 3 when this picture was taken at Dunclug Nursery School), and a Dutch former Baglady, Evelien Boskma.


We have new Bagladies in Swansea and Barnsley, and a Baglord in Newton Abbot (click pic for big).

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The Trillick Story

Trillick Controlled PS

It’s very small place somewhere between Enniskillen and Omagh. But the spirit in this place about saying NO to plastic bags, children pestering adults to say NO, schools and shops leading the way in caring for our environment is HUGE.

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The GREAT NEEDabag? party is on!

Liz Weir

Saturday, March 31 2007, 10am-2pm at St George’s Markets, Belfast. Sponsored by Belfast City Council.

To be opened by award winning international storyteller Liz Weir (pictured right).

Needabag Group
  • Shop sustainably for fresh, organic and local food with local stall-holders
  • Bring your own bags and containers! and save packaging
  • Visit our good bad and middling bags exhibition
  • See film of people saying NO to plastic bags all over the North
  • Hear and tell stories about plastic bags with Liz Weir and other storytellers
  • See OUR CELEBS’ (like Jenny Bristow, left, at a previous NEEDabag? event) shopping bags and baskets etc – watch this space for more info

The “Don’t Need a Bag” song!

Courtesy of Mike Reid and the 11-12-year-olds of Sheffield Woodcraft group.

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We got an email from Mike recently. He told us how easy and fun it was to put this together:

I didn’t tell you – it was so easy to workshop. The kids got the idea straight away – I sang them the chorus and they sang it right back. Then the same with the verses.

Writing new words took about ten minutes. We had three groups of 6 children, each with 1-2 adults. Kids did all the words, adults just sort of helped shape them.

Telling you all this to encourage you to get other people to do something similar…

Click “Read the rest…” to see the lyrics.

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Take Tesco to task on their green credentials

The BBC collected questions from the public to put to Tesco boss Terry Leahy, in the wake of his statement that the supermarket will try and prove its green credentials by assigning a ‘carbon rating’ to everything it sells. Leahy answered some of your questions online, and Simon Mayo put more of your questions to Sir Terry on BBC Radio Five Live.

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A good idea from Wales

We received this email from Julie in Barry Vale, Wales:

Bags in Unicorn

Hiya Shirley and team,

All supermarkets should purchase jute or other environmentally friendly bags to sell quite cheaply, saying I DID NOT USE ANY CARRIER BAGS FROM and the supermarket name added so they are still advertising but doing something to cut out the use of carrier bags.

Thanks, Julie from Barry, Vale of Glamorgan

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