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NI schools support Baglady

Baglady on radio with John Toal yesterday, before start of her journey to Australia.
Looking forward to keeping Saturday magasine updated during her As Sustainable As Possible journey.
Listen again to Baglady on John Toal show Radio Ulster
On after 11.30 let us know what YOU think: email [email protected] or to Baglady on Facebook, Twitter with any comments.

Northern Ireland schools support Baglady

Northern Ireland schools support Baglady

Ready to follow Baglady Down under? Thanks to all the MLA’s and MP’s support
Join NI schools like Harryville PS, St Colm’s Draperstown High School, Ballymacrickett PS, St Pauls Junior Boys High, St Catherines and, Saints and Scholars Integrated PS Armagh, Dungannon Integrated HS, Carniny PS, Ballymena PS, Broughshane PS, Buick Memorial Cullybacky PS, and Larne High School following.
LET’S ENJOY and LET’S see what more we can DO living As Sustainably As Possible. BEST BEAMS!

Baglady on Radio Ulster 11am SATURDAY

BBC Radio Ulster's  John Toal last interview with Baglady

BBC Radio Ulster’s John Toal last interview with Baglady

Waahoo! Baglady is taking the As Sustainable As Possible message onto Radio Ulster’s John Toal show 11am THIS Saturday. Listen and lets hear what you think!
Contact the BBC sa[email protected] or via!/BagladyNI “>
Best beams!

Baglady’s Big ASAP Journey

Bairbre de Brun MEP + Shirley the Baglady

Bairbre de Brun MEP + Shirley the Baglady

What’s happening today? Getting ready to edit my own film again, at last, for the Baglady’s Big ASAP Journey… writing this, also generating thumbnails, uploading clips, and recording Voice Candys, exhausting….

No Baglady. It’s ALL in your mind, that exhaustion… you are not hungry, you are not thirsty, you have shelter, clothes, and something to look forward to. UR truly lucky Baglady. So cut the crap and just DO it!

2 wks to go in NI….! 2 wks in GB. Maybe a quick train-hop over to Bruxelles mes chers, been invited by Bairbre de Brun! who stole Baglady’s bell, one Christmas long ago outside the great door of St Anne’s Cathedral, Belfast/Beal Feirste.

Baglady’s bell is a recycled stunner made by Bo Vance from some, would’ve been wasted, metal from somewhere and!! have a listen! I shall play Baglady’s and Bairbre’s bell for you at the coming wake [Ballyeamon Barn 30th October] of my departure, and tell you the FoE story, behind it… and the laugh we all had together, in front of the cameras….

Bo Vance and other ASAP supporters

Bo Vance and other ASAP supporters

and while I’m at it this is a MASSIVE thank-you to all the journalists, photographers, filmmakers and newspersons

Yup I could be a delegate at – A social green revolution; towards and after COP 17 in Bruxelles hosted by Bairbre de Brun MEP but I don’t know how to find the time
But Baglady, it’s only 2 hrs 19mins de Londres a Paris, so it can’t be much more to Bruxelles, let’s zoom on it [please BBC??]

Well Baglady’s going to Sheffield and WHO has she in her sights in Sheffield?…..

then there’s York. And a friend of Karen’s and Betty’s. ‘Betty’s’! the most delicious pies and pastries and was it jam? marmalade in the whole world…

Hope you have all pledged ASAP! if not start NOW!

wake up world!

come on everybody, time to get moving talking doing, Northern Ireland [hey] has to lead the world

I’m very busy with ASAP, SASAP, MASAP, TASAP and all the other SAPs and we need your help

soon you’ll be hearing the voices of the amazing excellent boys of Lurgan St Paul’s Junior High School. They’re among thousands of schoolpersons speaking out loud and clear now, on environment and sustainability issues. Well done those boys!!

We already have the answers! we just don’t quite realise it. Watch these spaces and feel free to join in wherever you see a space for YOU. Our MLAs are doing it, our MPs, our Mayors, our councils, Limavady, Ballymoney the latest; + our businesses…. and our wonderful local papers – keep reading them, they keep our communities alive.

But you know, we’re all a bit rusty sometimes on what to do, and how, so we’ve all got to help each other.

Shop ASAP with Baglady around Northern Ireland [hey] starting at the Salad Bowl in Omagh. This is a project with EWWR – European Week of Waste Reduction [November 19-27] – get YOUR favourite shop in the picture. ASAP.

Travel ASAP i.e. virtually online with Baglady, sailing from Rome on November 15th. Listen to her/me on John Toal’s Saturday Magazine show, BBC Radio Ulster 10am October 29th. Get inspired. Quick!!

check our ASAP intro film here, NOW and let’s rock Mother earth back onto her axis

Introducing ASAP!

As you’ve probably noticed, there are a lot of challenges going on in the world, ecologically, socially and economically. The web is complex and it sure can feel sticky at times. In fact, your concern for it all might be what’s brought you here. Applause! We need you, we need everybody.

Enter Baglady, with her superpositive message to share. She wants to share what we can DO, right NOW, to feel less ‘caught’ in the web and more an integral ‘part’ of it. Baglady’s mission is all about saving the world ASAP, which not only means as SOON as possible, but also as sustainably as possible. So we’ve put together a series of videos to help you know a bit better what it means to live ASAP as well as connect you with other people, organizations, businesses etc., that are doing their best to make a difference.

Stay tuned! It’s time to inspire one another to rid ourselves of rubbish habits and rubbish thoughts!

Excellent Ballymena ASAP has begun!!!

Not 9/11. 22/9/11

A date for New Northern Ireland history; when businesses large and small, local and multinational, came together with people of the community in a meeting about what I call Excellent Ballymena ASAP [As Sustainably As Possible]; hosted at ECOS by Ballymena Council. Both Ballymena Times and Guardian are reporting on the meeting. Look out for people and business and community characters you know… including major employers such as Michelin, Wrightbus, Patton and Moy Park. It’s all happening, at last.

Next week Ballymena Council staff are to go through a sustainability exercise in energy use in council centres throughout the town/borough. Council’s Clive Kyle said that, as these centres are in varying degrees used by the public, council staff will be interacting on the days of this exercise, with any of the public using the buildings. I suggested that Baglady might be in one of those council centres at the right time, to see what was going on, perhaps add my views correct or incorrect and get the story out to the world. So I’ll be at Ardeevin on Wednesday.

I reckon it’s time to END 2 things: Waste, and Bad News. We at Baglady have loads of GOODnews stories to share. We all need to hear these stories, and we need to hear them now. As local people especially children and teachers, have led our political leaders [eg Storey, Paisley Jnr, McKay, Frew] towards sustainable living, using the simple messages of ASAP, so local newspapers must lead the way to the regional, national and global media.

As Baglady, I have thousands, maybe millions of people already leaning in to hear my little bit of this massive story. They want to know more, say more, do more, not because I’m a celeb or sexy item, thank goodness those days are over! but because I’m talking sense about our children’s and grandchildren’s future and, broadly, we all agree.

This is what we met about on 22/9/11.

Our next meeting will be 27/1/12; join us ASAP…

GLO online with Baglady, Friends&Family and help save the world.

walking by the river Braid

First autumn mists by my river. I walk there, I pick up rubbish there.

It’s changed a lot since the dry weather 5 years ago, when Matthew and his cousin picked this dead fish out of the water. There were scores maybe hundreds of dead fish – did anyone ever find out why?

Braid fish 1.jpg

5 years on, we’ve had so much rain, the shape of the river’s changing; I think there’s less rubbish but maybe it’s just the summer growth. A lot of trees seem to have died off and I haven’t seen the heron or the ducklings this year.

A few months back, I reported oil on the water. I still haven’t heard who was responsible, or how big the fine was.

Our rivers, loughs and seashores need care and respect. Who’s picking up and where?? Come on Ballymena. Come on Northern Ireland. Come on world.

Next blog: Thur Sept 7: Larne, or Omagh….

best beams, Baglady

brilliant British Mummy bloggers in secret launch

Gday and Happy New Year…

Wide Blog Badge

Pledges have been flowing in steadily since midnight on 1/1/11, when the secret unofficial launch of Round 2 ASAP began (make your pledge here!).

This week, because ace blogger Karen at The Rubbish Diet had sent her message out to her British Mummy Blogger friends, we got lots of exciting new ASAP pledges and I couldn’t help wanting to know more about these marvellous Mummies…

For the first time for quite a while, I’ve actually WANTED to check blogs and websites [usually I’d rather hug a tree any day] and am heartened and delighted to see Mums planning to use cars, plastic bags, water, lights and packaging less, and to compost, bake bread, grow fruit and veg, save rain water and preserve food more.

And hooray, London’s Jane Bartlett’s bringing back the fountain pen!! I’m off to hunt out that old goose quill now, meself…

Best beams,  Baglady

ps: Grab your own Blog Badge (above and below, or here), write a blog post about what you’re doing, and let us know about it!

Meet the British Mummy Bloggers (and Janet from Just Jotting Along), read about their pledges and why they’ve adopted Baglady:

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Rae, aka Mrs Green:
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Simone, aka CraftyCreative:
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Liz, aka Violet Posy:
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Susanna, aka A Modern Mother:
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Rosie, aka Rosie Scribble:
Blog: Rosie Scribble

Steffi, aka Cartside:
Blog: Mummy Do That

Jo, aka Jo Beaufoix:
Blog: Jo Beaufoix

Blog Badge

read all about it! Living ASAP…

…in the Belfast Newsletter next week
where Baglady’s been invited to write a PLATFORM piece about L_____ A___

Guess who it’s about? [YOU] What it’s about? who’s doing what where when and how. to LIVE ASAP with Baglady Lewis

So look out for it. Support our local papers!

important poem from ‘Australia’

When will Baglady become Gladlady??

the question on everyone’s hips!

When will haglady become waglady?

the question will give us the pips!

this is a poem from our friends Sue, Edith and Molly in the land recently known as ‘Australia’. Joy to the world.

check out Edith Wise on Youtube, She calls it Yoohootube.