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NI schools support Baglady

Baglady on radio with John Toal yesterday, before start of her journey to Australia.
Looking forward to keeping Saturday magasine updated during her As Sustainable As Possible journey.
Listen again to Baglady on John Toal show Radio Ulster
On after 11.30 let us know what YOU think: email [email protected] or to Baglady on Facebook, Twitter with any comments.

Northern Ireland schools support Baglady

Northern Ireland schools support Baglady

Ready to follow Baglady Down under? Thanks to all the MLA’s and MP’s support
Join NI schools like Harryville PS, St Colm’s Draperstown High School, Ballymacrickett PS, St Pauls Junior Boys High, St Catherines and, Saints and Scholars Integrated PS Armagh, Dungannon Integrated HS, Carniny PS, Ballymena PS, Broughshane PS, Buick Memorial Cullybacky PS, and Larne High School following.
LET’S ENJOY and LET’S see what more we can DO living As Sustainably As Possible. BEST BEAMS!

Baglady on Radio Ulster 11am SATURDAY

BBC Radio Ulster's  John Toal last interview with Baglady

BBC Radio Ulster’s John Toal last interview with Baglady

Waahoo! Baglady is taking the As Sustainable As Possible message onto Radio Ulster’s John Toal show 11am THIS Saturday. Listen and lets hear what you think!
Contact the BBC [email protected] or via!/BagladyNI “>
Best beams!

wake up world!

come on everybody, time to get moving talking doing, Northern Ireland [hey] has to lead the world

I’m very busy with ASAP, SASAP, MASAP, TASAP and all the other SAPs and we need your help

soon you’ll be hearing the voices of the amazing excellent boys of Lurgan St Paul’s Junior High School. They’re among thousands of schoolpersons speaking out loud and clear now, on environment and sustainability issues. Well done those boys!!

We already have the answers! we just don’t quite realise it. Watch these spaces and feel free to join in wherever you see a space for YOU. Our MLAs are doing it, our MPs, our Mayors, our councils, Limavady, Ballymoney the latest; + our businesses…. and our wonderful local papers – keep reading them, they keep our communities alive.

But you know, we’re all a bit rusty sometimes on what to do, and how, so we’ve all got to help each other.

Shop ASAP with Baglady around Northern Ireland [hey] starting at the Salad Bowl in Omagh. This is a project with EWWR – European Week of Waste Reduction [November 19-27] – get YOUR favourite shop in the picture. ASAP.

Travel ASAP i.e. virtually online with Baglady, sailing from Rome on November 15th. Listen to her/me on John Toal’s Saturday Magazine show, BBC Radio Ulster 10am October 29th. Get inspired. Quick!!

check our ASAP intro film here, NOW and let’s rock Mother earth back onto her axis

We’re Telling YOU…. !

3-4 yr-olds at Whitehead’s Banana Bunch playgroup
tell their parents:

We don’t NEEDabag, thankyou.



hannah.jpgThis is Hannah Sharp from Limavady: she’s a fantastic Baglady supporter, and has sent us loads of messages since we met last year, and designed the first Greenmouse poster for us (click through to see it).
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Limavady children take the lead

Limavady Central PS Kids

We’ve been getting more and more positive feedback, enthusiasm and ideas from kids and ALLS everywhere who want to get involved. Here’s an email exchange between Baglady and Hannah Sharp from Limavady Central Primary School, who’s putting a lot of us to shame with her energy.

dear baglady
me and my friend kristy from limavady central primary school just want to inform you that your talk was really fab, and we are getting involved. kristy and i are trying to get together and put up posters and hand out leaflets and things like that. we really enjoyed you coming over to our school,

best wishes hannah and kristy

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Garvagh Primary School students help Baglady and Garvagh Supervalu

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Say “NO!” to plastic bags!.

Burrenreagh says NO!

Burrenreagh Children

Burrenreagh Primary School children and the local VG shop working together to say NO to plastic bags at Burren Bridge.

More pictures from Burrenreagh/Burren Bridge.

Bag Lady visits 12th Bangor Beaver Scouts

Bag Lady visited 12th Bangor Beaver Scouts to talk about “looking after the earth” and “NEEDabag?”.

Baglady visited 12th Bangor Beaver Scouts to talk about “looking after the earth” and “NEEDabag?”