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Spare a Thought For Animals in Trying Times

He was a gift for three children (all under 10) who treated him like a toy.
The novelty wore off so fast they didn’t even bother to give him a name.
Needless to say, he’s incredibly nervous and wets himself if you go to lift him.


Ballymena’s Diane Wilson from Mid-Antrim Animal Sanctuary writes:

Dear Friends,

As you are no doubt aware, the current financial climate has left everyone tightening their belts, leaving Sanctuaries such as Mid-Antrim in an even more precarious position. Family pets, along with their veterinary treatment and upkeep, are no longer a priority in most households; the impact of which has hit charity organisations in the worst possible way. The influx of unwanted Christmas ‘presents’ and general apathy towards long-time family pets has put us in a crippling state financially. As such, we ask that if you have a talent or trade to offer, no matter how insignificant you feel it is, we could certainly use your input!

There’s nothing more fulfilling than the act of giving.

We Love Edith!

edith.jpgOpinionated senior and friend of Baglady Edith Wise weighs in with her views on the plastic bag problem. She also has her own show on YouHooTube, which everyone is advised to check out.

Edith Wise may or may not be a pseudonym of Australian dramatist Sue Ingleton.

Baglord Roy says “Not Good Enough”

We’d like to introduce our first guest-columnist Roy Paver, Newton Abbot’s Baglord. Roy is an English environmental campaigner, dedicated to ridding our towns and countryside of plastic bags. His website is Say No To Plastic Bags.

Over to Roy:

What a copout the Environment Ministers of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have inflicted on the environments they suppose to represent.
They have agreed to give the shops and supermarkets in the UK two years to reduce plastic carrier bag consumption by a pathetic 25%, and they are pleased with themselves!

For a Government who has got the will to go to war on terrorism, costing billions of pounds and hundreds of lives, they don’t have the bottle to follow the Irish government’s lead and slap a tax on all plastic carrier bags. They couldn’t even follow the Australian lead and make it a target of 50% reduction.

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