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donaldson 1st MP in ASAP round 3

MP Jeffrey Donaldson DUP

MP Jeffrey Donaldson DUP

Great news. Only hours after we started Pledge ASAP round 3, by contacting all our unpledged NI MPs, Jeffrey Donaldson, DUP MP for Lagan Valley came through with his pledge: turning off lights and doing more walking and cycling. Jeffrey’s the 8th local MP; with 2 more promised.

We’ve also got former UK Environment Minister Michael Meacher who wants us to get 50 MPs on board ASAP. And I want to get this sorted before I set sail for Australia. So scratch your heads MPs: who among your new friends at Westminster will take this daring pledge. On yer bikes fellas!

And please, anyone who reads this: Pledge ASAP, pass it on and send us news of anyone you know who should be joining us. Famous or unknown. THINK about our children’s future NOW.

Off to Coleraine Council today to meet the Mayor and Director of Environmental Services. More later….

best beams,


Belfast Cycle City

Naomi Long Photograph 20-Aug

On Thursday 20th August the Lord Mayor Naomi Long met representatives from Belfast Friends of the Earth to demonstrate her support behind their new campaign, “Belfast Cycle City”. She received a copy of their cycling vision for Belfast and gave it her backing.

The campaign calls for every Belfast City Councillor to support the vision of Belfast as one of the top 10 cycling cities in the UK by 2020.

To accomplish this, Belfast Friends of the Earth are urging Belfast City Councillors to take three actions:

  • create a new ten year Belfast Cycle Strategy from 2010 to 2020
  • set a 10% target for all trips by bicycle in the city by 2020
  • request increased government spending on cycling to £15 per person, in line with cycle-orientated English cities.

Belfast Friends of the Earth Co-ordinator Andrew McMurray : “ The public response to our campaign so far has been really encouraging; thousands of hits to our website and hundreds of signatures in support of our campaign asks. The Lord Mayor’s public support affirms her commitment to a sustainable Belfast, reducing congestion, combating climate change and improving public health. We hope the rest of the City Council will now so the same and press for a Belfast Cycle City”.

Belfast Lord Mayor Naomi Long : “I am very pleased to support the Belfast Cycle City campaign. I believe that cycling represents part of a positive, progressive transport solution for Belfast and I would encourage my fellow councillors to get behind the campaign too. As well as infrastructure improvements, we need to engage with communities on this issue and make cycling in Belfast a safe, healthy and enjoyable activity for all.”

For more information on the campaign, please visit or contact [email protected].

Downshifting Week Starts Tomorrow

Downshifting is about slowing down your pace, finding a better work/life balance, consequently embracing living with less and leading a simpler, greener and happier life!

The suggestions from the InterNational Downshifting Week team are relatively easy to adopt, yet can have great bearing on your everyday life and the way you spend your time and money.

‘Slowing down’ could mean anything from not doing that extra hour of overtime, because you want to get home and see the family.

Generally it refers to us tipping the favour of the work / life balance in favour of ‘life’. The consequence of this is that usually, you earn less money.

As a result, you become a little more thrifty and get clever with your money, making things last longer. You ditch lavish restaurant meals and cook a few from fresh using delicious seasonal, local ingredients instead.

To find out more, and get some ideas for your own downshift, check out the website.

Baglady heads for zero waste

Baglady will be contributing to a new project alongside The Rubbish Diet‘s Karen Cannard, Rachelle Strauss from My Zero Waste, Downshifting Week originator Tracey Smith, and many others. It’s a collaborative blog dedicated to providing information on how to reduce the amount of wasteful packaging in your big each week or fortnight.

This is where our hardworking team of zero waste detectives scan the shelves and let you know the best of the products out there which can help you create zero or minimal waste at home.

Why not head over there and read more about it?

Baglady thanks Sammy for green spotlight

Pic of Baglady and Sammy Wilson

[Northern Ireland Environment Minister] Sammy Wilson’s decision to ban a TV advertisement on climate change provoked outrage, but Ballymena’s very own dedicated green activist – the Baglady would like to thank the Environment Minister.

“The Environment Minister has provoked debate up and down the country… but… his actions and comments are unacceptable in this day and age when the evidence to support climate change is overwhelming. This man is supposed to be in charge of environmental issues here in Northern Ireland.”

Original story at Ballymena Times.

For more information on the Sammy Wilson story, see the Green Party Northern Ireland website.

Great recycled art in South Africa

We particularly like this placemat made of recycled crisp packets.


See the rest here.

Thanks to Sue for the link.

Plans to Introduce Incineration Into NI by Stealth

We just recently received this press release from the Green party, and realised it needs everyone’s attention.

The Green Party has accused NILGA and ARC 21 of trying to introduce incineration into Northern Ireland by stealth using PPS18, by describing the burning of municipal waste as a renewable energy.

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84,000 pieces of rubbish on 2 miles of N.Ireland country roadside

Baglady says:

This is the kind of thing we have to face, and deal with

There are 84000 pieces of rubbish
on 2 miles of country road
between Galgorm and Cullybackey
It’s a narrow, winding beautiful road
with fields on either side
some lovely trees, an old cottage right on the edge of the road
which makes your heart, kind of, bend.

There’s nobody ever walking on the road
because there’s no pavement
and the cars drive too fast
along this narrow bendy road
between Cullybackey and Galgorm
the 84,000 piecees of rubbish have been thrown out of vehicles passing along this road
and 95% of it, at least, will not break down for hundreds of years, if ever.

Gordon Brown is Coming Round

2007626135740_Brown smiling-1.jpgBaglady Shirley Lewis welcomes the news that British PM Gordon Brown ‘may legislate against free plastic bags.’
The Guardian quoted Gordon Brown as saying he was now willing to use compulsion to ensure that other stores follow the lead set last week by Marks and Spencers, who are to charge 5p a bag in future, following a highly successful trial in Northern Ireland.
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Eco-friendly sale in Scarva

Magnet Women’s Group are holding an Eco-friendly sale in Scarva Visitor Centre on Thursday 28 February 2008 between 11.00a.m. and 3.00p.m.

There will be a variety of stalls including recycled goods, crafts, flowers, preserves, fruit and cakes.
Banbridge District Council will provide advice on waste and energy awareness and environmental issues.
Magnet Women’s Group would be delighted if you and any friends could join us.