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Shirley’s Farewell to Northern Ireland

Baglady's Farewell at Ballyeamon Barn, Cushendall

Baglady’s Farewell at Ballyeamon Barn, Cushendall

Hullo and thanks to all who’ve played your part in getting Shirley the Baglady off Irish soil

John Toal called me an inspiration!! So it was worth the 4 hrs I spent to get to BBC Radio Ulster by ASAP bus and train..

I still hadn’t finished packing and didn’t really ever finish, just loaded onto the boat with bags and bags, to sift and sort and recycle every possible thing.

Stena Line Belfast-Birkenhead. A far cry from the old ferries. Aggressive drinking men tossing cigarette butts into the sea and throwing cans around. I gave them my view on it; I think they were a bit ashamed but they covered it up with smart remarks.

Which I did at Lime Street Station, Liverpool. Paper/card thrown in together; plastic to landfill but at least I DID it! Also drank [not FairTrade] coffee from my own cup – saving waste. .

NI schools support Baglady

Baglady on radio with John Toal yesterday, before start of her journey to Australia.
Looking forward to keeping Saturday magasine updated during her As Sustainable As Possible journey.
Listen again to Baglady on John Toal show Radio Ulster
On after 11.30 let us know what YOU think: email [email protected] or to Baglady on Facebook, Twitter with any comments.

Northern Ireland schools support Baglady

Northern Ireland schools support Baglady

Ready to follow Baglady Down under? Thanks to all the MLA’s and MP’s support
Join NI schools like Harryville PS, St Colm’s Draperstown High School, Ballymacrickett PS, St Pauls Junior Boys High, St Catherines and, Saints and Scholars Integrated PS Armagh, Dungannon Integrated HS, Carniny PS, Ballymena PS, Broughshane PS, Buick Memorial Cullybacky PS, and Larne High School following.
LET’S ENJOY and LET’S see what more we can DO living As Sustainably As Possible. BEST BEAMS!

Baglady’s Big ASAP Journey

Bairbre de Brun MEP + Shirley the Baglady

Bairbre de Brun MEP + Shirley the Baglady

What’s happening today? Getting ready to edit my own film again, at last, for the Baglady’s Big ASAP Journey… writing this, also generating thumbnails, uploading clips, and recording Voice Candys, exhausting….

No Baglady. It’s ALL in your mind, that exhaustion… you are not hungry, you are not thirsty, you have shelter, clothes, and something to look forward to. UR truly lucky Baglady. So cut the crap and just DO it!

2 wks to go in NI….! 2 wks in GB. Maybe a quick train-hop over to Bruxelles mes chers, been invited by Bairbre de Brun! who stole Baglady’s bell, one Christmas long ago outside the great door of St Anne’s Cathedral, Belfast/Beal Feirste.

Baglady’s bell is a recycled stunner made by Bo Vance from some, would’ve been wasted, metal from somewhere and!! have a listen! I shall play Baglady’s and Bairbre’s bell for you at the coming wake [Ballyeamon Barn 30th October] of my departure, and tell you the FoE story, behind it… and the laugh we all had together, in front of the cameras….

Bo Vance and other ASAP supporters

Bo Vance and other ASAP supporters

and while I’m at it this is a MASSIVE thank-you to all the journalists, photographers, filmmakers and newspersons

Yup I could be a delegate at – A social green revolution; towards and after COP 17 in Bruxelles hosted by Bairbre de Brun MEP but I don’t know how to find the time
But Baglady, it’s only 2 hrs 19mins de Londres a Paris, so it can’t be much more to Bruxelles, let’s zoom on it [please BBC??]

Well Baglady’s going to Sheffield and WHO has she in her sights in Sheffield?…..

then there’s York. And a friend of Karen’s and Betty’s. ‘Betty’s’! the most delicious pies and pastries and was it jam? marmalade in the whole world…

Hope you have all pledged ASAP! if not start NOW!

wake up world!

come on everybody, time to get moving talking doing, Northern Ireland [hey] has to lead the world

I’m very busy with ASAP, SASAP, MASAP, TASAP and all the other SAPs and we need your help

soon you’ll be hearing the voices of the amazing excellent boys of Lurgan St Paul’s Junior High School. They’re among thousands of schoolpersons speaking out loud and clear now, on environment and sustainability issues. Well done those boys!!

We already have the answers! we just don’t quite realise it. Watch these spaces and feel free to join in wherever you see a space for YOU. Our MLAs are doing it, our MPs, our Mayors, our councils, Limavady, Ballymoney the latest; + our businesses…. and our wonderful local papers – keep reading them, they keep our communities alive.

But you know, we’re all a bit rusty sometimes on what to do, and how, so we’ve all got to help each other.

Shop ASAP with Baglady around Northern Ireland [hey] starting at the Salad Bowl in Omagh. This is a project with EWWR – European Week of Waste Reduction [November 19-27] – get YOUR favourite shop in the picture. ASAP.

Travel ASAP i.e. virtually online with Baglady, sailing from Rome on November 15th. Listen to her/me on John Toal’s Saturday Magazine show, BBC Radio Ulster 10am October 29th. Get inspired. Quick!!

check our ASAP intro film here, NOW and let’s rock Mother earth back onto her axis

remembering September 11: a Baglady shout about ending war

The Dalai Lama said [1994: ‘no matter how pure and positive the motivation for violence… it is very difficult to predict the consequences [so] it is always better to avoid a situation that may require violent means.’

I can only agree, and hope we humans are capable of learning the lesson. We can’t afford any more war and destruction, and we know quite well how to do it otherwise.

Peace and War: 9/11 stories a book by photographer Geoff Bromilow and author Kathryn Pentecost, launches at the Melbourne City Library Gallery

Mural New York

Mural New York

Including work like this photo of a mural in New York.

Spare a Thought For Animals in Trying Times

He was a gift for three children (all under 10) who treated him like a toy.
The novelty wore off so fast they didn’t even bother to give him a name.
Needless to say, he’s incredibly nervous and wets himself if you go to lift him.


Ballymena’s Diane Wilson from Mid-Antrim Animal Sanctuary writes:

Dear Friends,

As you are no doubt aware, the current financial climate has left everyone tightening their belts, leaving Sanctuaries such as Mid-Antrim in an even more precarious position. Family pets, along with their veterinary treatment and upkeep, are no longer a priority in most households; the impact of which has hit charity organisations in the worst possible way. The influx of unwanted Christmas ‘presents’ and general apathy towards long-time family pets has put us in a crippling state financially. As such, we ask that if you have a talent or trade to offer, no matter how insignificant you feel it is, we could certainly use your input!

There’s nothing more fulfilling than the act of giving.

Dungrace in the Netherlands: October 20, 2008

EvelienNetherlands Baglady Evelien Boskma visits the small Frisian town of Workum, for the annual Dungrace, from Workum to Warmond.

Evelien writes: Yes, dung! Let me explain.

Before the Industrial Revolution, ships would sail from Workum to Warmond with manure (cow-dung) for the bulb-fields in the West of the Netherlands. Later lorries took over the job.

But in the seventies oil became really scarce. A Frisian named Reid de Jong then came up with the idea of re-introducing fuel-free transport. He wanted to use the Workum-Warmond trade route as an exercise. The first exercise took place in 1974.

Although Reid’s suggestion didn’t catch on at the time, the exercise is now repeated every year and is hugely popular, as I witnessed today.

What happens is this:
Because the ships are not allowed to use their engines, people will have to pull them out of the harbour into the lake (see picture). Very hard work, especially if there’s head wind, like today! The ships set sail and use wind power to reach their destination. So, totally eco!

dungrace image

Fortunately Reid de Jong is still able to watch the races. He lives in the Workum lighthouse and is entirely self-sufficient. Very eco.

Susie Wise’s Message

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Philip Allen’s hemp crop is carbon negative

Philip Allen“When it’s growing in the field, one hectare of hemp absorbs 10 tons of C02…”

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Philip and Hempire Building Materials Ltd manufacture sustainable building materials, suitable for the construction of zero carbon construction, including Lime Eco Plaster.

Check out their website to find out more.

We Love Edith!

edith.jpgOpinionated senior and friend of Baglady Edith Wise weighs in with her views on the plastic bag problem. She also has her own show on YouHooTube, which everyone is advised to check out.

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Edith Wise may or may not be a pseudonym of Australian dramatist Sue Ingleton.