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help Baglady connect the world! New Year message

1 year ago, 1/1/11, I got myself on BBC Radio 4, and spoke to the world [I hope!] on Listeners Look Ahead – yknow, the pubic response programme straight after Correspondents Look Ahead, which I was shocked [not] to find had absolutely NO mention of environment issues. Everything else but.

So I rang and predicted a LOT of enviro events. I had my minute and 2 other speakers added their bit. It was good. Because that day, tho few knew, was the Secret Unofficial Launch of Round 2 of Pledge ASAP, and that was where we ended up getting the support of over half the NI Assembly, over half the NI MPs, etc etc….

EVERYONE I speak to, ever, says the BBC and now in Australia the ABC, is not doing enough on environment. People need to know WHAT to do, HOW, and WHERE.. and of course it’s good to know why and who else is doing it.

I’m totally inspired by my return to the stunning Blue Mountains. Also I see many signs that alarm me, of course.,..

So I’ve already made contact with lovely KELLY from Blue Mountains City Council and all set to work through them with local and national schools, councils, politicians, media… same old ASAP recipe…. Mayor Daniel Myles, look out, Baglady’s coming…

Come on NI and OZ, we’ve started something wonderful, let’s help spread it around the world…. Happy New Year and hope this makes sense, I’m on wifi in a café, pending full internet connection.

Love and thanks for being there… S the B

Satellite link up on Radio Ulster

After safe crossing of Arabian Sea, we heard Baglady on live satellite link up! with John Toal of Radio Ulster’s Saturday Magazine, horrah! it worked!! Did you catch it? Click ‘listen now’ at
Baglady on last ten minutes of show as Athena rounded tip of Sri Lanka then continued the seven day stretch at sea across Bay of Bengal carrying ASAP message.

On Sunday 11am our time Baglady did a 1/2 hr presentation for the ship crew and passengers, the deputy captain spoke about how the ship conforms to MarPol, the international regs on ship waste disposal in the various countries on route…. something to proud of….
We look forward to hearing and seeing more news, as world’s first ASAP ship – Athena reaches Andaman Sea following coast of Myanmar [Burma] to Baglady’s next stop Phuket in Thailand!

Travel ASAP to Australia ship 'Athena'

Travel ASAP to Australia ship ‘Athena’

journey since Cairo

moving through Suez – was so beautiful, tranquil, smooth, serious almost solemn that even before we’d got through I wanted to turn round, go back and come through again.
I didn’t use my glasses much [gazing in wonder] so it was a surprise to me when several passengers earnestly informed me that the whole way we were being watched from the banks, by people with guns. nothing to worry about, they assured me.

after Aqaba and further afloat…

This is a little message for all the children of Northern Ireland. It’s about all kinds of school subjects… there’s English, Maths etc etc but really it’s about looking after our world/how beautiful our world is, and how we can look after it…

How can Baglady get it to you? we send it to all the schools we know, via the teachers, Eco-committees etc. And maybe the papers can help, and maybe John Toal’s show will help us… and maybe all our friends and family will pass it

This is the scene.
The weather is beautiful, mild, perfect. It’s just a little busride from the big, white ship [which is much smaller than all the other big white ships in port] to the centre of the city.
I’ve taken off my smelly old Baglady bags and am wearing a long skirt, a shirt and a long scarf wrapped around my head because that’s what women and girls do around here

now I understand why Northern Ireland’s only been in the world news when there’s fighting on… we don’t have a lot of money… is that really ALL journalists can think about? Politicians worried or unrepentant politicians… need role-model of responsible.. ASAP….

inspired by Malta! Baglady sings for European Week of Waste Reduction

Hullo dia duit gday! it’s me Baglady – sailing across the planet with a burning yearning to find rubbishfree places and people… and I think I’ve found the least rubbishy place in Europe!

Guess where?

Q: Is it Northern Ireland?

England? Liverpool – Northampton – Hope Valley – Sheffield – Oxford – London posh?


Napoli recycling opportunity

Napoli recycling opportunity

Roma? Napoli? Sicilia?


A It’s – MALTA!

But sad to say, so far Baglady’s found rubbish everywhere.

What’s YOUR place like? what rubbish do YOU want to get rid of from your world?

Best beams, baisers and baccios,


TRAVEL ASAP with Baglady, check our piks/stories, and send us yours…

let’s REALLY reduce waste in all EUROPE, not just for a week, make it – forever!!!

Shop ASAP during EWWR

European Week of Waste Reduction 19-27th November

European Week of Waste Reduction 19-27th November

As Baglady travels south we begin the European Week of Waste Reduction, this is your chance all of you children, politicians, councils, people of Northern Ireland to shop with a difference, the As Sustainably As Possible way!!
For this shopping challenge you need to be aware of 3 aspects of sustainable shopping:
1. Locally produced food, low food miles, seasonal, organic options
2. Least or zero-packaged items
3. Respect for producers – across the world or locally,
we have lots of ideas, so let us know what Shopping ASAP is like wherever you shop,
send pictures, snippets, we will support best ASAP traders.
We will be contacting lots of people so come willingly with your reusable bags held high!!!

Baglady’s Big ASAP Journey

Bairbre de Brun MEP + Shirley the Baglady

Bairbre de Brun MEP + Shirley the Baglady

What’s happening today? Getting ready to edit my own film again, at last, for the Baglady’s Big ASAP Journey… writing this, also generating thumbnails, uploading clips, and recording Voice Candys, exhausting….

No Baglady. It’s ALL in your mind, that exhaustion… you are not hungry, you are not thirsty, you have shelter, clothes, and something to look forward to. UR truly lucky Baglady. So cut the crap and just DO it!

2 wks to go in NI….! 2 wks in GB. Maybe a quick train-hop over to Bruxelles mes chers, been invited by Bairbre de Brun! who stole Baglady’s bell, one Christmas long ago outside the great door of St Anne’s Cathedral, Belfast/Beal Feirste.

Baglady’s bell is a recycled stunner made by Bo Vance from some, would’ve been wasted, metal from somewhere and!! have a listen! I shall play Baglady’s and Bairbre’s bell for you at the coming wake [Ballyeamon Barn 30th October] of my departure, and tell you the FoE story, behind it… and the laugh we all had together, in front of the cameras….

Bo Vance and other ASAP supporters

Bo Vance and other ASAP supporters

and while I’m at it this is a MASSIVE thank-you to all the journalists, photographers, filmmakers and newspersons

Yup I could be a delegate at – A social green revolution; towards and after COP 17 in Bruxelles hosted by Bairbre de Brun MEP but I don’t know how to find the time
But Baglady, it’s only 2 hrs 19mins de Londres a Paris, so it can’t be much more to Bruxelles, let’s zoom on it [please BBC??]

Well Baglady’s going to Sheffield and WHO has she in her sights in Sheffield?…..

then there’s York. And a friend of Karen’s and Betty’s. ‘Betty’s’! the most delicious pies and pastries and was it jam? marmalade in the whole world…

Hope you have all pledged ASAP! if not start NOW!

wake up world!

come on everybody, time to get moving talking doing, Northern Ireland [hey] has to lead the world

I’m very busy with ASAP, SASAP, MASAP, TASAP and all the other SAPs and we need your help

soon you’ll be hearing the voices of the amazing excellent boys of Lurgan St Paul’s Junior High School. They’re among thousands of schoolpersons speaking out loud and clear now, on environment and sustainability issues. Well done those boys!!

We already have the answers! we just don’t quite realise it. Watch these spaces and feel free to join in wherever you see a space for YOU. Our MLAs are doing it, our MPs, our Mayors, our councils, Limavady, Ballymoney the latest; + our businesses…. and our wonderful local papers – keep reading them, they keep our communities alive.

But you know, we’re all a bit rusty sometimes on what to do, and how, so we’ve all got to help each other.

Shop ASAP with Baglady around Northern Ireland [hey] starting at the Salad Bowl in Omagh. This is a project with EWWR – European Week of Waste Reduction [November 19-27] – get YOUR favourite shop in the picture. ASAP.

Travel ASAP i.e. virtually online with Baglady, sailing from Rome on November 15th. Listen to her/me on John Toal’s Saturday Magazine show, BBC Radio Ulster 10am October 29th. Get inspired. Quick!!

check our ASAP intro film here, NOW and let’s rock Mother earth back onto her axis