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Bags hit the news


Three very high profile pieces of news recently regarding waste and litter. Firstly, we had Anya Hindmarch and We Are What We Do’s infamous “I Am Not A Plastic Bag“, which over the last few weeks became the must-have item, and threw the reuseable bag squarely into the public eye and the fashion world.

Modbury has achieved the status of Great Britain’s first plastic bag-free town after being inspired by an episode of the BBC nature series Natural World, entitled Message in the Waves. Here’s an excerpt from their shopowners’ open letter to the town:

Dear Modbury Resident,

We, the traders and shopkeepers of Modbury, wish to invite you to help us make Modbury become the first town in the British Isles to be plastic shopping bag free…As you will all be aware Modbury is the last trading town before you reach some of the most beautiful beaches in South Devon. In making this transition we hope you will join us and, together, we can actively demonstrate our responsibility and commitment towards our local environment.


Meanwhile, bestselling author Bill Bryson, nominee for president of the Campaign to Protect Rural England, has declared his intentions to initiate a major campaign against litter. Bryson said:

Almost everybody who lives in this country loves to go out into the countryside and just be there and walk around in it and enjoy the views and all that greenery and fresh air, and it’s really important that this generation does all it can to preserve that.

It is clear from these 3 events that things are hotting up, and people across the country are realising that it is up to us. WE have to get moving, without waiting for a government to tell us what to do. We can pick up rubbish, say no to plastic bags, save water, save energy and above all, talk to each other about it.

What are you doing? Comment below to tell us.