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Baggileak 1: oil pollutes Braid River, Ballymena

OIL. Saw it, smelled it, reported it.

When I phoned the River Pollution Control Hotline today about 4pm, I learned that NI Environment Agency staff had been investigating the leak since yesterday. It was shut off at source about 3pm but residue was still pouring into the river. Legal action seems likely.

Does everyone know that petrol and oil leaks from cars in the street end up in our rivers, too? And fish don’t like them.

Let’s look out for Northern Ireland rivers.

let’s not waste this Christmas

my washing up water had ice on it today. good insulation between living room and kitchen

are YOU moving away from Waste this Christmas?

and maybe, moving beyond the consumer nightmare….. ?

look out for BAGGILEAKS starting in the New Year….

best beams,