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Satellite link up on Radio Ulster

After safe crossing of Arabian Sea, we heard Baglady on live satellite link up! with John Toal of Radio Ulster’s Saturday Magazine, horrah! it worked!! Did you catch it? Click ‘listen now’ at
Baglady on last ten minutes of show as Athena rounded tip of Sri Lanka then continued the seven day stretch at sea across Bay of Bengal carrying ASAP message.

On Sunday 11am our time Baglady did a 1/2 hr presentation for the ship crew and passengers, the deputy captain spoke about how the ship conforms to MarPol, the international regs on ship waste disposal in the various countries on route…. something to proud of….
We look forward to hearing and seeing more news, as world’s first ASAP ship – Athena reaches Andaman Sea following coast of Myanmar [Burma] to Baglady’s next stop Phuket in Thailand!

Travel ASAP to Australia ship 'Athena'

Travel ASAP to Australia ship ‘Athena’

journey since Cairo

moving through Suez – was so beautiful, tranquil, smooth, serious almost solemn that even before we’d got through I wanted to turn round, go back and come through again.
I didn’t use my glasses much [gazing in wonder] so it was a surprise to me when several passengers earnestly informed me that the whole way we were being watched from the banks, by people with guns. nothing to worry about, they assured me.

after Aqaba and further afloat…

This is a little message for all the children of Northern Ireland. It’s about all kinds of school subjects… there’s English, Maths etc etc but really it’s about looking after our world/how beautiful our world is, and how we can look after it…

How can Baglady get it to you? we send it to all the schools we know, via the teachers, Eco-committees etc. And maybe the papers can help, and maybe John Toal’s show will help us… and maybe all our friends and family will pass it

This is the scene.
The weather is beautiful, mild, perfect. It’s just a little busride from the big, white ship [which is much smaller than all the other big white ships in port] to the centre of the city.
I’ve taken off my smelly old Baglady bags and am wearing a long skirt, a shirt and a long scarf wrapped around my head because that’s what women and girls do around here

now I understand why Northern Ireland’s only been in the world news when there’s fighting on… we don’t have a lot of money… is that really ALL journalists can think about? Politicians worried or unrepentant politicians… need role-model of responsible.. ASAP….

GOOD news about NI local papers

A big lot of the dozens of local papers in Northern Ireland, that have helped us get the word around about Living ASAP, NEEDabag? etc over the last 10yrs, are going to Travel ASAP with Baglady!!!

The sound of KIDS voices: schools from across NI and all Ireland – shouting YEA!!! [with ECO-UNESCO, Eco-Schools etc]] will echo across the land…

green lights from papers in Armagh, Ballymena, Omagh, Strabane, Newry, Ballycastle, Limavady and many others. Not one paper has said NO, yet; and some want Weekly blogs from Baglady aboard ship.

Coleraine, Ballymoney editors are wanting a strong local link, of course, and that’s what with all of us working together we can provide!! ie schools, councils, MPs MEPs MLAs, shops businesses, community groups… and the GOOD celebs… all sharing the skills and energy we’re all going to need around the world to get us out of the big mess we’ve somehow got into. need churches to support now, too

What this means is, if you or your friends/family read say the Strabane Weekly News [talking to Anna Maguire today] you can find out what Strabane’s doing ASAP; then you can add your bit… and inspire others around the country, around the world…


On the Oxford Tube luxury, supercheap coach to London, passing near to High Wycombe, Bucks where Baglady [1959-63] had a scholarship to a posh English boarding school called Wycombe Abbey. Sister school to Princess Anne’s school, Benenden. It killed me Ballymena accent but it didn’t kill my spirit and I learned a lot about what keeps the class system in place. Time to move on. Next: Nick Clegg and Baglady…

Baglady on Radio Ulster with John Toal

John Toal welcomes Baglady on Radio Ulster’s Saturday Magasine, and remembers “every plastic bag that was ever made is still with us”

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John Toal said I was an inspiration, so that’s good. The producer said ‘you’re a good talker, stay in touch’ which is like royal command, I have to do it whether he meant it or not; but somebody quite famous was in the studio at the time and did really smile at me…. all this work when I just want to hug trees…
Baglady’s As Sustainable As Possible Journey is moving Southwards, London tomorrow

signs of hope in Hope Valley

Hope Valley Country Market

Hope Valley Country Market

this is Derbyshire, Hope Valley, lots of friendly people and they walk a lot. Not yesterday, rain in stilts coming down on the conservatory

Hope Valley’s got a country market which opens 9.30 sharp on Fridays… and everyone rushes in and buys lovely homegrown and homemade things.

we need to follow their example, ASAP. we need to grow and produce more food, share it, swop it, give it away…. just like we used to do

the more I have, the more I give away, the more flows towards me…. come on NI – take the lead!!

Shirley’s Farewell to Northern Ireland

Baglady's Farewell at Ballyeamon Barn, Cushendall

Baglady’s Farewell at Ballyeamon Barn, Cushendall

Hullo and thanks to all who’ve played your part in getting Shirley the Baglady off Irish soil

John Toal called me an inspiration!! So it was worth the 4 hrs I spent to get to BBC Radio Ulster by ASAP bus and train..

I still hadn’t finished packing and didn’t really ever finish, just loaded onto the boat with bags and bags, to sift and sort and recycle every possible thing.

Stena Line Belfast-Birkenhead. A far cry from the old ferries. Aggressive drinking men tossing cigarette butts into the sea and throwing cans around. I gave them my view on it; I think they were a bit ashamed but they covered it up with smart remarks.

Which I did at Lime Street Station, Liverpool. Paper/card thrown in together; plastic to landfill but at least I DID it! Also drank [not FairTrade] coffee from my own cup – saving waste. .