7 years is long enough

SweepingBaglady calls for action on plastic bags, packaging, and waste of all kinds

I started campaigning about plastic bags at the end of 2000, so it’s now 7 years on and we’re not winning yet. How much longer do we need?

Ireland’s had a tax on plastic bags for 6 years now; plastic bag use has gone right down but the roadsides, hills, valleys, bogs and beaches are still covered with litter, like our roads 96% of which in our lifetimes will never break down.

So a plastic bag tax is not going to solve all our problems.

Everyone I speak to – and that’s thousands of people – knows something’s wrong and we feel worse because we don’t know what to do. Or maybe we just haven’t got round to doing it.

Talks are underway with media leaders, government leaders [elected and permanent staff] environment agencies from grassroots to global, and people of all ages.

The media are not doing anything near enough in this crisis.

Let’s stop talking bad news, what’s going wrong and can’t be fixed
Let’s start making good news about things people are doing
All over this country
All over the world

Send your news to Baglady, and join the team!

‘I always feel better if I’m doing something’
Ian Cohen, Member of the Legislative Assembly, New South Wales, Australia

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