March 2005: Mission Completed

Baglady talks to a local trader at Cookstown Market

We’re overjoyed to inform you that the first Northern Ireland NEEDabag? fortnight has now taken place, and we’re on the right tracks. Here at Baglady Productions we’ve been overwhelmed with the support given to the campaign, both from the councils and the 98% of shops who made the two weeks such a success.

Many of you caught us out and about in Northern Ireland filming the local public and talking to your local shops. Were we talking to you, your son, or even your granny? Have a look through our films and photos to see if you recognise anyone from your town.

Banbridge: Fred Elliott's staff sing: NEEDabag? to customers

If you’re from Banbridge you’ll recognise your local bakery The Windsor hanging plastic bags from the ceiling, or if you live near Limavady you’ll see all those keen staff in McNulty’s Fish and Chip Shop giving the thumbs up for the NEEDabag? fortnight.

Maybe you get your snacks in the Palamo Café in Lurgan, who have been environmentally friendly for years, or perhaps you’ll recognise the party shop Burning Desires in Portadown who the Baglady team visited with BBC reporter Michael McNamee from Your Place and Mine.

Did you hear that Baglady converted Newry media star Big O – who no longer expects a plastic bag to wrap his newspaper! – or maybe…just maybe we caught a glimpse of YOU in the street, who knows?!

Limavady: SWEET ANNE: Our customers don't want bags - they want to save the earth

NEEDabag? was a great event, now we’re heading for NEEDabag? 2; we’re putting a smile on people’s faces and most importantly we’re collectively taking action to help care for our environment, something that we in Northern Ireland can be proud to say we’re putting into practice.

Lurgan: NEEDabagging at Palamo Cafe

So lets keep the momentum going! We’ve made a great start; lets not stop now that the hard part is over! All we have to do is to keep reinforcing the idea of re-using our bags and bringing our own when we go shopping. A small price to pay to help the state of our environment and show pride in our local communities.

In the words of Eamonn Holmes:

NEEDabag? equals common sense, so if you have any you’ll bring your own.

Jenny Moorehead, Store Manager of Holland & Barrett, Ballymena, talks NEEDabag? with Baglady

We would be glad to hear your comments about environmental issues in your area, or if your school or local community would like a visit from Baglady herself – get in touch.