21st MLA Pledges ASAP – who is it? + 719th KIDS Pledge

Hurray hurray hurray

the 21st MLA

has pledged ASAP

who is it? DUP

‘s Paul Frew from Ballymenahey

Our 4th North Antrim pledger – YAY!

But NI KIDS are far ahead

their 719th I’ve just read

It’s Caitlin Lyons from Antrim Grammar….

Paul Frew’s pledged I’m giving up:
accepting plastic bags, leaving lights on when I leave the room,
I’m taking up:buying my fruit and veg not prepacked, remembering to take a reuseable bag to the shop

Caitlin Lyons’s pledged
I’m giving up:
buying drinks in bottles
I’m taking up:
switching off the TV and computer when I leave the room

who’ll be the 22nd MLA? who’ll be the 192nd adult and the 720th KID???

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